Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I was tagged by Jinta…ahhh .

The rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you to this post-check!

2. Mention the rules in your blog –check!

3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours –check!

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them –check!

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged –check!

This meme is about any particular mannerism you have, ok?

Book of Revelations written by DARKELCEE

1) I love cartoons to bits. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to stop.

2) I don’t listen to news. I don’t read it either. I felt that my dad hated me whenever he insisted that I swap SUPERted or voltron force for the 4.00pm news then. I have never picked up the remote control to tune to any news channel in my entire life(except its under compulsion). Had an elderly customer who noticed that I don’t know anything happening around me. He took it upon himself to be “supplying” me with news papers. The man got tired and left me alone after he noticed I was just not IT.

3) I hate water! Ok I have heard so many reasons why I have to drink water but I still don’t like drinking it. ( just remembered I haven't taken any water today and it is 18.02hrs! )

4) I eat rice 24/7. Not rice based meals but pure undiluted rice. White rice and stew, jollof rice, fried rice. I don’t feel good if I miss eating rice in a day!

5) When I defecate, it’s usually with no clothes on. And I always go with a book to read so on the average I spend like 30mins doing the DO. So when next you want to you the toilet and someone is there for like 30mins, then you know its ME.

6) What I think in my heart is always different from my actions. Invariably I cannot coordinate my thoughts and actions

Phewwwww, it's six already Men!

I tag
30+, Sasuke, Rinsola, Vera, Jaycee, Carlang


UndaCovaSista said...

*to the tune of Michael Jackson's Bad*...I'm First! I'm first! You know it! I'm first...Lol!

Yeah, thanks for that visual of you defeacating with no clothes on with a book in your hand. Euueeeewwww!! :)

30+ said...

Misssy enuff information on the dooodoo jo, kai

Charizard said...

geez and I tot ma pops was the only person that shyted nekky...jeezz...he he carries the paper with him..u u jus make it international by reading a book...shish

Vera Ezimora said...

Mehn! You just had to tag me abi? This gal, you go wound oo! Okay, I'm bout to publish my new post, so I'll have to do your tag on your next post. You owe me!

Jaycee said...

LOLLLLL @ you in the toilet. Ha ha time I know someone has been there sitting comfortably for 30 minutes with a book, I'll know it's YOU!!!

I didn't watch any news when I was growing up, and like u I used to hate it when my dad changed the channels from our cartoons to CNN. Now, amazingly I'm addicted to CNN (what with all these debates by Obama and Clinton).

Jaycee said...

I've completed this awesome task! It's a

darkelcee said...

im doing MJ moves to that your remix! sorry babes that me.lollll

ok mouth closed. no more stories.

International indeed.lolll

ok will keep my fingers crossed. lemme go read the update.

if only you know the full story of how i heard about this Obama/Clinton's issue?

thank God im not blond, im sure a cute name might come to your mind.lolll

that was fast and nice.correct chic!

Jinta said...

when you said you hated water, i was waiting for: 'i've not had a bath in 8 years' or something like that. lol

ahh. darkelcee. we have to break off our engagement. i only watch news, nature and sports channels.

and the doo doo thing. ok, i do that naked with a newspaper as well, but the image? alright. let's compare notes

darkelcee said...

jinta dearie

what can i do to make you stay? lollllll
Biko i will start watching,listening and reading news.All becasue of you!

We will meet at the usual place and compare notes ok?

Naija Chickito said...

I love to read in the toilet too. Kinda quiet and conducive...

Omosewa said...

lmao@defecate...dat sounds wrong

lol@u and news, dats strange

u tried, i cant even come up with one.

i have this nokia fone i need to unlock...

soupasexy said...

lol @ defecate, haven't heard that since ndele days..chai!
i dont like news too, but i try to stay up to date sha.hehehehe

Lighty said...

lol @ u going to the loo naked.

ablackjamesbond said...

Do you do the do at work?

darkelcee said...


pele, think deep and i'm sure you can get a couple of them.unlocking your nokia? sorry babes can't help.

just to remind you of those days dear.

Can't help myself na.

@a black007
I avoid it but had to do it once.i'm sure you dont want to hear the whole story.

Allied said...

ewwwwwwwwwww. u are naked in the toilet?

Water is all i drink.. babes how are u?

Rinsola said...

LOL at #5. I guess my room mate isn't weird after all. SHE DOES NOT DRINK WATER, as in seriously, and she's a sickler. water is my fanta. How u dey?

Afrobabe said...

1lol @ its six already…

I like being naked with a book in the loo as well..or my phone so I can send text messages and play games…

Funny enough given my unserious nature I read newspapers everyday and listen not only to the news in Uk but that of Nigeria as well…

I also have problems drinking a point I would vomit it plus all the delicious food I had eaten..but since I started gyming.....hmmm this sounds like an advert for the gym!!!

Carlang said...

Glad to know that i'm not the only slave hooked up to the Coke band Wagon.

And you tagged me?
You tagged me?

How did that happen?
Not fair...

Where are you...

Technically if you;re browsing from the bathroom , then it means you;re visiting Blogville naked.......

Aijay said...

LOL @ defecate... haven't heard that in ages.
How do u guys survive without drinking water for so long?
My friend hates water too. She refuses to drink it cos it has no taste. I find that really amazing...

In My Own Words said...

I read in the toilet too, sometimes in my birthday suit (naked sounds...well, naked!lol). But water? That's my life!!

Uzezi said...

naked in the loo. hehehehehehehe

really, who started this tag thing sef, it's fun to read people's but when you get tagged, the fun stops.

Free-flowing Florida said...

lmao @ number 5. 30 min!!!!! naked!!!!!! if not dat d sh!t is comoting 4rm dia, i would have said ur husband go like d naked part well well. but if na me, i no go wan choke my thing in anything dat its 'brother' just emitted some nasty smelly stuff

LG said...

Defecate and read in the loo for 30mins ke? u get catarrh or ur "kini" no dey smell u? lol!!!!!

*i neva c u since.......kilode?*

darkelcee said...

Water, i wish i can be like you.
I'm good hope you are back for real?

I am trying to get better.maybe if i start to force myself.

So i am not alone in the getting naked in the tiolet thing. Gym? hmmm maybe i should do just dat.

yeah i tagged you right! lolll
i dont "visit" blogville naked. haba carlang lolllll

wanted to remind you of those days of defecating . God has been on my side dear. water or no water!

@In my own words
good for you!

you must be tagged too. I need to laugh about ur quirks!

@Free flowing Florida
lolllllll.some of those "stuff' aint smelly at times.

maybe i am used to the smell. just get very comfortable with myself in there. howdy?

bumight said...

I take a book with me but I dont subscribe to the naked ish. had a junior in school who used to do that...

naijalines said...

lol @ ablackjamesbond. We want to know the whole story of the doo-doo at work, since you've started... you might as well finish.

anonymous gal said...

yes o im so into cartoons. love em 2 bits. use to do the cant take a dump wit out a book. law sch removed that from me.

Aphrodite said...

I used to hate news in any form.
Now i try to read and never know when they say run!

princesa said...

I have been tagged to do this post and i cant think of what to write yet.

One question babe...

What if you desperately need to 'go'in ur office, would you strip nude as in remove ur suit and all??

am laughing just imagining that.

darkelcee said...

very comfortable girl try it.lollll

i still remove everything. but i dont read.that is all i can say.lollllll

@Anonymous girl
I just cant stop.awwhhh pele.

with this job interview in naija now.they ask all sort of questions.imagine a friend went for aan interview and was asked the deputy gov of lagos state? wetin dem wan take that do for bank. i don dey try sha.

Please laughvery hard cos i do.lollllll

Smaragd said...

in my usual fashion, i'll start wiv the quirks u and I have in common:

CARTOONS! i'm addicted (but not the nonsense u see on CN these days o). i do voice-overs now thanx to the gazillion i've seen.

NEWS: hmmm, i copy and paste u! but am attemtping to try watching (note that it's ATTEMPTIN)

LOO: i read at all times, in all places, BUT the LOO is my fave! nd wiv my portable dvd player, i even watch movies in the loo...lmao! but not always nekkid.

ACTIONS: copy and paste!

u are a laugh-a-minute babe! but learn to drink water sha, it's good for u ok?


anonymous gal said...

kai goin to start collectin a fine 4rom u 4 evri late update o.chineke.

anonymous gal said...

kai goin to start collectin a fine 4rom u 4 evri late update o.chineke.

Toochi said...

1st time coming

TinTin said...

na wa for ur big engrishhh ohhh!!lmaoo

darkelcee said...

@anonymous gal
ko easy ma.

Awww that's sweet. thank you!

Old school engrissshhhh.lollllll

darkelcee said...

my sister from another mother right? lollll