Thursday, November 18, 2010

this is serious oh

We thank God for his mercies, love and protection. Provision nko? He dey kampe.

How are you all doing?

I needed to urgently seek advice from my blogvile fam before this matter gets out of hand.

This is a serious issue and it is the issue of FART!

It all started like 2 weeks ago, i was walking and the next thing was a big paaa...'FART' escaping from my butts!.It has now gone worse. So bad that while laughing, talking, typing eating etc yours truly is busy farting. I can't control it again oh. please help me.

Early momo na fart
afternoon nko? same thing
Midnight, it will come

'Aint no stopping this farrrrtttt, its on the roll'

And the fart is coming at a time that i have been going to the washroom to do 'NO 2' every morning which i normally do not do. My normal 'No 2' time is once in 3-4days. but now that my system is becoming normal, this fart is embarrasing me everywhere.

I was by the water dispenser this afternoon in the office and i heard this
paparapaparapappraaaa sound coming from my bum....kai. people full everywhere but dem no gree look up.I can swear that they heard the explosion but were just trying to give me my 'personal space'. please wetin i fit swallow to put an end to this shame.

The good thing is that it doesnt smell but it's too loud. I'm sure a couple of my coleagues would have noticed this evil thing but wondering wetin dey happen to my system that is revolting big time.

Fatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, my enemies will not catch me by fire!

I have farted like 4 times in the course doing this post. Wetin dey happen to me?

My 10months old daughter is almost becoming a little me.As in meal times are hilarious times. she will insist on trying to feed herself and will then use the same hand to rub her hair!
Imagine! Cereals Milk, Snacks name it and my little one will ensure her hair is fertilized with the food.
There is this young man in my office. he is in my team. he loves all this naija songs and likes playing it. The boy sabi dance sha....all this new body twisting, hand moving and distorted faces dance; he sabi all of them.

Ok before i digress, the boy plays it everywhere (i mean the music) and my mind has started picking the songs;You wont believe that i now know 'pop pop,pop pop something, make you pop champagne', 'im so endowed', 'gbongbon gbongbon(shake) . Understand this oh, i dont like the songs ( they dont edify and a heavenly consious fella should run from them) but the mind is something else, it learns so fast. so i have decided to be plugging my ears once he is around.

Remember the bible warned us to gaurd our heart dilliently for out of it flows the issues of life!

Till i update again. Take care and be blessed

Dark elooo

Thursday, November 04, 2010

I hope i am back sha

Hello my blogville family

We thank God for life and i am so happy we are all doing well and everyone is in top shape.I am tired of apologizing everytime i do a post late. but biko accept darkelooo like that.

Ok, quick low down for the 11months hiatus; my daughter is all grown( getting tempted to go preggers cut my hair, got promoted despite this recession in naija, moved into a new department ( where i climb trees , buildings, mountains etc lol). Hubby is doing well and in all i give glory to God

ok blogville, i'm currently weaning oh. weaning process is very easy. my boobs are harder than rock and i have been using cashmere scarve all around (like an hajia) to avoid the embarassment of leaking boobies). hubby and i have been doing hot water compress since tuesday to relieve the pains.

i had decided that i will be the best mom and breastfeed for one and a half year, but lai lai my daughter did not allow me.

She decided to turn my boobs to chewing gum/pacifier/feeding bottle. By last weekend i had serious sore. So i quickly decided to end it before i will make guiness book of records; ''here comes the mom with no nipples'' lol. anyways i am trying to cope till this will be all over.

i dont know if it is only my daughter or its general with kids; wheneve hubby and i decide to do the mush mush moves; my daughter will be screaming to be included! imagine? 10 months old pikin oh. once you now include her she will want to climb her dad and be waiting to be tickled.

Work is hectic but what can i do than to thank God that i even have the work.

Wonders will never end, i was passing thru airport road the other day and i saw a car that had FURS all over it. it was branded for this new energy drink; (that will give u the power of gorilla i guess) but ewwww, it was creepy. furs on a car? wetin be that.

ok blogville i promise to be doing this type of short post everytime.

see you soon

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Happy new year to all my peeps on blogville

i never imagined it will take me this long to update. hope you guys are doing well?

Ok quick gist before i go, God gave me a bouncing baby girl on 24th December around 5.45am and her weight was 3.34kg

All i can say is that natural delivery is soo sweet cos i just strolled into the labour room sleept from 23rd morning till 24th morning and i woke up only to meet the baby all dressed in a cot beside me! ( to borrow FFF's my dreams it was much easier) Na lie oh it wasnt easy but it was worth it. Hubby was there all through and you need to see how he treats his queen and princess now. hehehe i must born again. lol

i will soon update on motherhood gist but one thing my mum told me i have lost forever is my SLEEP. Told my daughter today that the way she is suckling and latching on me for milk is hard and that she will soon have her baby and see how it is. my mum could not stop laughing imagine telling a 2weeks old that? when will she deliver?

wishing everyone an eventful 2010. In our pathway there is life