Thursday, November 04, 2010

I hope i am back sha

Hello my blogville family

We thank God for life and i am so happy we are all doing well and everyone is in top shape.I am tired of apologizing everytime i do a post late. but biko accept darkelooo like that.

Ok, quick low down for the 11months hiatus; my daughter is all grown( getting tempted to go preggers cut my hair, got promoted despite this recession in naija, moved into a new department ( where i climb trees , buildings, mountains etc lol). Hubby is doing well and in all i give glory to God

ok blogville, i'm currently weaning oh. weaning process is very easy. my boobs are harder than rock and i have been using cashmere scarve all around (like an hajia) to avoid the embarassment of leaking boobies). hubby and i have been doing hot water compress since tuesday to relieve the pains.

i had decided that i will be the best mom and breastfeed for one and a half year, but lai lai my daughter did not allow me.

She decided to turn my boobs to chewing gum/pacifier/feeding bottle. By last weekend i had serious sore. So i quickly decided to end it before i will make guiness book of records; ''here comes the mom with no nipples'' lol. anyways i am trying to cope till this will be all over.

i dont know if it is only my daughter or its general with kids; wheneve hubby and i decide to do the mush mush moves; my daughter will be screaming to be included! imagine? 10 months old pikin oh. once you now include her she will want to climb her dad and be waiting to be tickled.

Work is hectic but what can i do than to thank God that i even have the work.

Wonders will never end, i was passing thru airport road the other day and i saw a car that had FURS all over it. it was branded for this new energy drink; (that will give u the power of gorilla i guess) but ewwww, it was creepy. furs on a car? wetin be that.

ok blogville i promise to be doing this type of short post everytime.

see you soon


Just...Toluwa said...

lol @ here comes mom with no nipples!


doll said...


Myne Whitman said...

Lovely to have you back. Pele on your breasts, lol...And congrats on the promotion, it is not easy. Send baby to sleep before mush mush, LWKMD...

LG said...

LOL norrin do baby jare, next time ask for her permission :)

btw: r u sure u r back????

Jaycee said...

Ah, your daughter is depriving you and hubby from mushy pleasures.

Reading about sore nipples is about the scariest piece a newly wed can read though. Lol.

Yeah, you shd return to your short updates :)

ibiluv said...

i am sure the women who have been dia before you will teach you great tips on weaning

congrats on your promotion..

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