Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tharry plus

30+, this post is dedicated to you!

On your birthday,
I would like to give you some words of wisdom
>Smile while you still have teeth!

Happy birthday to my blog sister, Many many happy returns of the day.

Peeps, show some love to a Sista on her

The devil is a liar, blogger is not allowing me to upload her buffday cake oh,but i will still do that by force by fire!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


How are you all doing?

Thank GOD it's thursday! ( what's that?)

This not a proper update but got scared of MOMMY and i quickly had to do something fast.

Recently gone through some blogs and read different post on marriage, handling household chores and task.

Sistas, there is no need to worry as help is on the way ( from where? lol)

My take on this is .........

Isn't this just wonderful?

Guys, this is your God-Given ROLE

Do this for me/us and i/we will love you forever.lawllllll

I am out of here!

Somebody help me find SASUKE!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OnE bAg FuLl................

“Hello hello, holla
Hello hello holla
You can say it once
You can say it again
It’s as easy to learn as counting to ten
Hello hello, holla”
With love from Barney (lol)”

Practical bags, handbags, classic/trendy bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags all of them are bugging me.

Help me blogville, I don’t know how to manage the content of my hand bag. A bigger bag to me means an increased opportunity for more clutter! I actually envy women hat carry smaller bags.

My hand bag is like a mini room. (Of course no fan or teevee or bed lolllll.) I have an issue with what should be the content of a bag. I carry my utility hand-bag only for like 10minutes a day from the house to the car, car to the office then the reverse on my way home at night. But 10minutes have been helping to tone my muscles in fact the muscle toning is gradually degenerating to aches and pain and my muscles are coming out. For a chic? lollllll

I have always been a fan of a big bag. And a big bag actually saved me on the day I was robbed, the thief could only get a phone (had 3 phones on that day) the other 2 and my wallet were relaxing in the bag with other silly items. Thank God!

Whenever I change my bag, I empty the content from one to another. I have bought 2 petite casual bags but I have not been bold enough to use either of them as I am always confused as to how I can squeeze all my “load” into those tiny things.

I carry the biggest and heaviest bag in my office. Each of my bags can pass for an overnight attaché case!

With the popular saying that you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her handbag got me thinking that I’m prolly not organized!

I was going home the other night and my phone rang. I started searching my bag but ended up missing the call because I couldn’t locate the phone. I got home then decided to do a review of the bag/utility box content with your help of course!

Here it goes ........

1- My plain Jane
2- My old faithful starcoms phone (it’s a nokia too, loll)
3- My Compact disc player
4-2 extra *AA* batteries for CDP
5-2 CDs (I change it weekly but currently it’s a prayer for you by Pastor Chris and High Praise)
6-My Micro USB flash drive
7- A book (currently reading The Rules of Life by Richard Templar)
8- Writing pad
9- Face Powder (125g)
10- Body Gloss (hardly use it but can’t just get it out of my bag).
11- Perfume & Body spray (after using it in the morning please what else am I using it for?)
12-Cosmetics bag
13- Wallet for my ATM cards & Identification cards (those accounts have 0 balances in them.lollll)
14- Wallet –for my money
15- Mini diary (I haven’t used a single page since January!)
16- My cheque book holder with 3 cheque booklets sleeping there (am I ok? lolll)
17- A pack of pocket tissue
18-Hair brush and comb
19-Hand Cream
20- 6 different types of biros (and I always complain that I have no pen as customer mostly go away with my pen.)
21- A cassette by Pastor Funmi Augusto (…. Don’t even have a mini cassette player yet to listen to it)
22- Ruler (somebody please slap me, what the heck am I using a ruler for?)
23-21 passport photographs (17 of which are mine and the remaining for friends and family)

Peeps, I need your help.

What should be in a lady’s bag?
What goes and what stays in my bag? (pleaseeeeeeeeeee advice)
How does the male specie cope without a handbag?

I promise to abide by all your suggestion.( cross my
Love you guys loads!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

He loves me, He loves me not?

I ask:

Do you love me?
The egotistical and defiant,
The treacherous me,
Can you love me?

Do you love me?
The complainant and insensitive,
The cruel me,
Can you love me?

Do you love me ?
The skeptic and distrustful,
The disdainful me,
Can you love me?

Do you love me?
The lonesome and confused,
The hesitant and unpredictable me,
Can you love me?

He answered:
I love you, All of you.
I have loved you,
And will ALWAYS love you,
I will love your strength and weakness
Because my strength is made perfect in weakness.

He loves ME!