Thursday, May 22, 2008


How are you all doing?

Thank GOD it's thursday! ( what's that?)

This not a proper update but got scared of MOMMY and i quickly had to do something fast.

Recently gone through some blogs and read different post on marriage, handling household chores and task.

Sistas, there is no need to worry as help is on the way ( from where? lol)

My take on this is .........

Isn't this just wonderful?

Guys, this is your God-Given ROLE

Do this for me/us and i/we will love you forever.lawllllll

I am out of here!

Somebody help me find SASUKE!


anonymous gal said...

im first

anonymous gal said...

wat are the odds 2nd again.*looks around to be sure the likes of afro are not near*

anonymous gal said...

well thank God its thursday shld be rec world wide o.its a daty to friday.friday is a dat to sat. btw u do know there is a public holiday on thur next week/ HOW ARE U PREP/

Standtall said...

Tele nko. The lady isa even nice assisting him. Men claim to be more powerful se? SO let them perform the more powerful role and pound the bloody yam etc etc

Unbiased said...

I've seen quite a number of guys that pound yam. Face it if they are physically stronger then they should help out with the tasks that require brute strength.
Leave the brainy tasks to us. lol!!

Mommy said...

I just go out for like how long...30 minutes and she updates. I was looking forward to being first.

Mommy said...

Nonsense...they (men) would have given us a bigger pounder. See the mosquito leg pounder he is using. Mcheeewww!

Mommy said...

...and don't think this is an update oh! *wicked me* It's my turn! PROPER UPDATE jare!

Jaycee said...

LOLLLLLLL...wouldn't we just love it if our spouses can POUND THE YAM???? would be a cause for celebration!!!! :)

I'm doing great dearie...I just saw ur comment on my bloggie!!! How na? How bodi? Ur posts just have a way of cracking a sistah up! Loll.

Olamild said...

beautiful picture

My brother can pound yam
I hope my future husband can

Free-flowing Florida said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahha. darkelcee, na me inspire dis picture???? hahahahahahaha. i feel like copying & pasting 4 oga, but e go vex. so, make i enjoy d joke & pray it happens n my life!

Afrobabe said...

Funny enough in my village guys do the pounding...guess benue ppl have always been more civilized

princesa said...

lol@Godgiven role!
Guys need to know that we'll love them more if they can be this sweet.

Sasuke is fine, no mind the boy. he dey chase money,lol!

Allied said...

lol... that one is even too much. Give me a man that will lay the bed after we get up, i will surely overlook all other 99% of his flawsa

nahjaj said...

lol at GOD-GIVEN role!!!

lmao @ allied

nahjaj said...

lol at GOD-GIVEN role!!!

lmao @ allied

Queen of My Castle said...

Hey You!!!!

How've you been?

Um, guess I can't relate to the pic as I have no clue what it is. LOL

Charizard said... @ QUeen....omo could work out...if...

ablackjamesbond said...

Please take off that photo before my wife sees it.

Thot we were friends.

Na wao...kokoro tin jefo, idi efo lowa.

ibiluv said...

i know a lotta guys that do that
to help their women folk-not all men do that machismo shit.....*looks around for high fives from the men in blogsville*

Vera Ezimora said...

Yes, it is very wonderful.

... But will it happen - with a Naija guy???? Hmmmmmmmm.

By the way, I've finally done ur tag. Go read.

LG said...


hehehehehehehe,not bad not bad at all, darkelcee u deserved more than 5 stars for dis post o,lol

njoy ur w'end jare, norrin do u

darkelcee said...

@Anonymous gal
You get moin-moin as first place position. I'm loving Our President for that Holiday.phewwww i need it.lolll

Yessss, so we are together on this!

You are very right gurl!


Babawilly said...

Nice picture. Hope the guy has a good aim. We dont want a radius fracture o! He seems to be aiming for her hands.

Hope you are good

soupasexy said...

ha ha ha
too cute, i must say tho, guys are stepping up this days.

classybabe said...

If only...

Abby said...

hey babes....
classic pic!!!some guys try sha,but some are really just downright myopic and think only women should touch anything associated with the kitchen....
how have u been jare?

Buttercup said...

hahahaha...if only..

darkelcee said...

Sorry, will hint u abt my next leg pounder. pounder na pounder now.
ok this is not an update dear.

infact its a cos for a carnival!Take care of u.

Really.... is ur brother married? i need to apply sharppish

@Free-flowing Florida
Yep ur post did. ok can u just quietly refer him to my blog? lollllll

yessss ohhh. thumbs up for you guys then.

If only they know what they are missing. Tell Sasuke that i am missing him!

i think that is a taboo to them. i have not seen a single man that does that ever.

yes now or do you know any other?

I'm good dear. that pics is just showing how to prepare a local dish. its as popular as pizza(lol) but the preparation is crazy. Google it up dearie! lollllllllllllllll

if what?

Egbon, no be so i just want wifey to love you more!

wetin. are you for us or against us?

it can work after the benjing/blogville women conference.ok lemme go see ur quirks

thanks dear, i am a 5* candidate! hope i get an award?

darkelcee said...

e ku ojo meta! radius fracture ke? practice makes perfection!

I hope so!

@Classy babe
If only what ? ur dude can see this? give him my URL. LOLL

Have an example in my brother. cute boy but "anti-kitchen" traits!

Another if only.............God save our souls!

Andy said...

Why is she keeping her hands in the mortar? I thought pounding yam was more of technique and not strength....many people are talking of strength! That's not what my Mama taught us oooh.

Andy said...

Thanks Darkelcee, by the way, aren't you at

Tears said...

LOL! damn right they would get all the LOVE!! :D

aloted said...

my husband pounds yam, (he is from ilesha so he no get choice)...i don't. if any pounding will be done, we all know who will be doing it :)

ablackjamesbond said...

U still never comot this picture?

Chei, make i go learn how to pund yam.

rethots said...

What an absolutely pleasant role.....even much better if Mr. Man doesn't exactly like pounded yam.

darkelcee said...

We are been supportive abi what else as we supposed to do?


Does he have any single broda left in his family? a sista is

How i go comot am? infact i am posting it on ur blog very soon!

in your dreams!

OluwaDee said...

I tell u, this is what we want 4rm our men oh.

darkelcee said...

Please dont show Rabbi.i dont want wahala. lolll