Monday, March 17, 2008

Q & A

Hello all.

Thanks all for the love and response on my last post. It has turned me into a Pastor as I have been praying for a miracle for the next person. Catch your Laptop by fire! Lolll

Now I need to drop these few lines as I will be missing in action as from Friday till Tuesday. I have a camp out to attend and I have been planning on how to have fun. The reason for this season is Jesus. Hope you are his pal?

One major reason why I like naija?
< < < < < Holidays!

This week alone FG has declared Wednesday plus the normal Easter Break (Friday and Monday). I am doing the running man dance (remember Vanilla ice….Ice Baby?) I love holidays- (lazy girl, Infact i am always looking forward to industrial strike!)

Now to the koko of today.

A very close friend shared this thought with me so I want to throw it open. Three of his subordinates resigned in the last two months and each of them took him out for lunch or dinner to appreciate him. I don’t work directly with him but I know him as a wonderful person. I have a female boss, and I think our relationship is that of Tom & Jerry…… (Ogiri leti.. wall has ears!) let me stop there. Lolll Now the question is:

-What is the relationship between you and your boss?
-Can you take your boss out in appreciation for what he/she impacted on you when you resign?

On a lighter mood

Latest blue-tooth in TOWN!

Send my Easter Eggs!


Friday, March 07, 2008


Yippeeeeee! I have delivered.

I promised to update on time and here I am.

Phew! If nobody praises me I will praise my self.

How are you are doing? I am good and God has been faithful to me. I have been very happy all week and the reason?.......... I got a brand new laptop, free of charge.

Whether you believe it or not, my pastor told me three weeks ago that his British boss gave him a laptop F.O.C. So I jokingly told him to shake my hand because I desire that type of favor.

Fast forward small, my old friend (we went to school together, worked together for a while before she moved on) called me that she was in my neighborhood and wanted to hang out with me. We met and we were trying to catch up when I just mentioned laptop casually, she said that she had a brand new one (her hubby sent to her) and I should come pick it up. This is a proper “ijebu” girl way back in school. Sha she gave me the lap top and I am still like, this girl will call me to come and pay because I know her but ALAS! She hasn’t called.

So join me to shout 35 big Hallelujahs! lol!

Ok today’s gist

I am sure you are wondering about the title of this post, my peeps that’s exactly what it means. Snooping. I don’t pry into people’s affair because I’ve always hated the issue of “he said ,I said and she said” but sometimes when you are jobless and u don’t have anything to do, your mind will start playing tricks on u.

When I was 8 years old, I had this kinda close friend. Lets call her R. R had an Uncle (Uncle L) who was very tall or rather I was very short, so I used to think he was tall. He had a way with women. One day R came to call me that she was hearing some strange noise from Uncle L’s room. I left my house in a hurry to investigate and we started peeping through the key hole.

I SAW somin infact PLENTY. lol

Sha R started nudging me to shift because we were taking turns to peep. I can’t remember what happened but I think Uncle R discovered the peeping toms and he came out and gave us the punishment of our lives. I couldn’t tell anyone in my house abi how will I explained the story? That wetin wetin happened? Abeg!

Second time I went snooping was a while ago too. It was with someone very close to me. Almost like a brother, I went thru his phone. Gosh, somin I don’t do normally. Sha I saw a text from a chic and it went thus……..

I don’t even know how I agreed to this in the first place but I feel so guilty even when I knew you were married, I was still involved with u. I am sorry I can’t go on with this again.

Whoosh! My world came tumbling down (and I am not his wife ) I was tempted to tell his wife but I knew I would be ruining a home. So I did what I felt was the best, I prayed…Mountain-of-fire type of prayer. Let the fire of God burn into ashes the “chaser” and the “chased”. Lawd have mercy!

Ok, the final snooping of the day was on my own mother. Lol

I lost my dad in 2001 and even as I am typing this I realize i still miss him so much ( I am sure that every last child will understand this ). Before I digress, My mum came around and she left her phone with me only for me to go through her phone (is that becoming a custom for me? Lol) and I found a love text!
Ori mi o! somin like I miss you so much say hi to every one and I love you. Could it be that Pop can send SMS from heaven? Lawlllll. I couldn’t hold it again, so I asked her and she told me that it was my cousin that normally use her phone. I believed her cos I know her phone font is quite small and she most certainly can’t read that text (but hey what if she used her glasses?)

But, my peeps if my mum start dating again (she is 63 years old now) I am not sure I will feel cool with it. And to think that daddy has gone for over 7 years and she will be lonely but she’s got to cope without him now abi?

Women are meant to be IMMORTAL and super – Humans. If I am in her shoes, won’t I date again?

I am outta here