Friday, March 07, 2008


Yippeeeeee! I have delivered.

I promised to update on time and here I am.

Phew! If nobody praises me I will praise my self.

How are you are doing? I am good and God has been faithful to me. I have been very happy all week and the reason?.......... I got a brand new laptop, free of charge.

Whether you believe it or not, my pastor told me three weeks ago that his British boss gave him a laptop F.O.C. So I jokingly told him to shake my hand because I desire that type of favor.

Fast forward small, my old friend (we went to school together, worked together for a while before she moved on) called me that she was in my neighborhood and wanted to hang out with me. We met and we were trying to catch up when I just mentioned laptop casually, she said that she had a brand new one (her hubby sent to her) and I should come pick it up. This is a proper “ijebu” girl way back in school. Sha she gave me the lap top and I am still like, this girl will call me to come and pay because I know her but ALAS! She hasn’t called.

So join me to shout 35 big Hallelujahs! lol!

Ok today’s gist

I am sure you are wondering about the title of this post, my peeps that’s exactly what it means. Snooping. I don’t pry into people’s affair because I’ve always hated the issue of “he said ,I said and she said” but sometimes when you are jobless and u don’t have anything to do, your mind will start playing tricks on u.

When I was 8 years old, I had this kinda close friend. Lets call her R. R had an Uncle (Uncle L) who was very tall or rather I was very short, so I used to think he was tall. He had a way with women. One day R came to call me that she was hearing some strange noise from Uncle L’s room. I left my house in a hurry to investigate and we started peeping through the key hole.

I SAW somin infact PLENTY. lol

Sha R started nudging me to shift because we were taking turns to peep. I can’t remember what happened but I think Uncle R discovered the peeping toms and he came out and gave us the punishment of our lives. I couldn’t tell anyone in my house abi how will I explained the story? That wetin wetin happened? Abeg!

Second time I went snooping was a while ago too. It was with someone very close to me. Almost like a brother, I went thru his phone. Gosh, somin I don’t do normally. Sha I saw a text from a chic and it went thus……..

I don’t even know how I agreed to this in the first place but I feel so guilty even when I knew you were married, I was still involved with u. I am sorry I can’t go on with this again.

Whoosh! My world came tumbling down (and I am not his wife ) I was tempted to tell his wife but I knew I would be ruining a home. So I did what I felt was the best, I prayed…Mountain-of-fire type of prayer. Let the fire of God burn into ashes the “chaser” and the “chased”. Lawd have mercy!

Ok, the final snooping of the day was on my own mother. Lol

I lost my dad in 2001 and even as I am typing this I realize i still miss him so much ( I am sure that every last child will understand this ). Before I digress, My mum came around and she left her phone with me only for me to go through her phone (is that becoming a custom for me? Lol) and I found a love text!
Ori mi o! somin like I miss you so much say hi to every one and I love you. Could it be that Pop can send SMS from heaven? Lawlllll. I couldn’t hold it again, so I asked her and she told me that it was my cousin that normally use her phone. I believed her cos I know her phone font is quite small and she most certainly can’t read that text (but hey what if she used her glasses?)

But, my peeps if my mum start dating again (she is 63 years old now) I am not sure I will feel cool with it. And to think that daddy has gone for over 7 years and she will be lonely but she’s got to cope without him now abi?

Women are meant to be IMMORTAL and super – Humans. If I am in her shoes, won’t I date again?

I am outta here



30+ said...

Lemme take position 1st

30+ said...

Abeg as I am leaving comments on your blog like this I shake your hand to recieve my own blessing in Jesus name, Amen.

Lol at your mumsie dating again, t will be weird.


Allied said...

Darkelee the snooper...

Me, i vex with you no be small... would people stop saying "ijebu" = stingy?

It is stereotype oh...

Why shouldn’t your mom date again? Abeg free the woman jare

fluffycutething said...

See this snooping thing usually reeks of lack of trust when done between boyfriend and girlfriend.

And even though sometimes you discover stuff through snooping that can help u know ur stance in a relationship, it's better not to jare...

All that sneaking around trying to read texts is unecessary james bond work and makes the snooper most times come across as lowly and insecure...

having said all...

No be say me sef no dey snoop oh LOL

Carlang said...

Where are you?
WHere is your hand?
I will shake it.
Kiss it..

I think it's nice that your mum might have re-found love.
So romantic...

That handshake...

Naijachic said...

Abeg, I hug ur hand!!!!

If ur mum were to be @ dis side of the world, its absolutely normal, its only in naija et al that we expect imortality from mortal men, having said that, I'd be curious if she did...anyhoos, allow her, God dey...nice post, 1st time here.

La Reine said...

It would be odd for you if she was dating....

Congrats girl, can you like, send me an email or something? I need some of that blessing. Lol

bumight said...

I was going to say "free the woman (ur mom) she's found love", but then u said she's I'll change it to "whatever makes her happy, she deserves to be!"

I'me e-shaking ur hand o!

Pink-satin said...

interseting post..chief your mom she can date again jare!!!

congrats on ur laptop i hope d chic wont call you to come pay for it o

pink gloves said...

please let ur mother date oh. abeg.

Anonymous said...

wow i thin im d worst snooper in mine is soo
bdw wot sort of labtop did u get?im so jealous

Uzo said...


Simi Speaks said...

i believe ur mum o jare..

i just dont see a 63-yr old woman writing such.. i will faint!

Her text will read sumthing like this "Wo alaji are u coming over or not? i have to go see elcee. make it snappy this time"

now that sounds better! lol

Sasuke said...

Amebo! God done catch you snooping on poor uncle handling his own business. well you didnt exactly say what you saw sha so you still gast fill the blank spaces

lol@mummsies story haba! darkelcee na wa for you oh! you want just put mummsy for work what if the text was actually meant for her? naughty girl

when we go wash the laptop 'padi mi' because its not easy oh! first it was princesa now you abeg if there is any perfume you guys are wearing to make people give you favours please let me know oh!

rethots said...

Oops, "Yippeeeeee! I have delivered." and was going to ask if 'twas a girl or boy.

"Women are meant to be IMMORTAL and super....", whoa! that's a pretty tall one for 'em ladies.

Snooping, well, well, well, who does it not? Who is bold to admit it?

anonymous gal said...

i am shakin ur hand and huggin u.abeg we all snoop.atleast most of us do

ibiluv said...

63 isnt tooo old to have a friend
even if she wanted to date again i am sure she will tell the kids.....and she does need someone..... 7yrs is a long tyme-having someone new doesnt mean she will love ur father any less...
my people say eniti o ba wa iwakuwa o mari iri kuri
english people say-listeners never hear good of themselves

lesson-DON"T SNOOP

Mommy said... you are this naughty...going thru your momma's phone. See jealousy (lol)! I almost died when one 'Baba agba' thot he could outshine my late dad's shine (lol). Come and see serious warning. But wait oh...why do children do that? Especially girls. Make the woman no love or be loved again? It's not easy not to have love after you have loved for a very long time oh! Leave the woman abeg!
How you dey now?

Rinsola said...

Pass on the handshake o jare. Snooper, whats wrong with your mum dating? please let mum be o.

shalewa said...

he he he,am an ijebu woman and not all ijebu pple are stingy like allied said.its just what pple think
hmm.i tap into that blessing.oya,shake my hand now now.
have a blessed day

Uzezi said...

I am so shaking ur hand now! Can u feel it? Yes say. Ok with my blessings in my pocket, na wa for u oh! you go look till u see wetin blind u? and why should mamma date again? companionship is important. Or do you want her to be all by herself?

Uzezi said...

I am so shaking ur hand now! Can u feel it? Yes say. Ok with my blessings in my pocket, na wa for u oh! you go look till u see wetin blind u? and why should mamma date again? companionship is important. Or do you want her to be all by herself?

princesa said...

@sasuke, me i buy my own o! I never finish to pay sef,lol!

darkel, congrats on the lappie. We need more of such friends abi*wink*.

On snooping, abeg try stop o before person go see on ething one day,lol!

63 is not too old to date sha.

Ms. emmotions said...

i receive this favor in JESUS NAME

AMEN.....didnt bother to finish the post , just ran down here to declare this

darkelcee said...

please how do you ever manage to be first?You will recieve that blessing in Jesus name. Amen I cant imagine or rather i reject it for my mum.

Not all Ijebu are stingy, My Mum is one and she is not.I think its just a cliche we are all used to.Free Mumsy ke lai lai.No way

It is very true dear. I have never "browse" thru any of my boo's SMS b4. cos its better somethings are left uncovered abi? Thanks dear.

Dont let me fight with u. How can you say its nice my mum found love? when she has all of us ? i mean 4 whole bunch of us? lol
Ok here is my hand dear

We CANNOT allow her mommies do such in Africa. No way ! lol. But she didnt do it sha. I believed what she told me. Thanks for stopping by.

@la reine
Receive the blessing by!It will def be weird if she is.

Even if she is 23 no way. She is my mum for srying out loud.i am e-shaking your hand too.You will def testify soon dear.

She must not call ahhhh, there will be plenty yawa if she does. i will keep you posted.Mumsy dating? case closed.

@Pink Gloves
If she tries it, we will call family meeting on her case. anchored by me.


I think its not healthy to snoop, it just opens cans of worms that should have been better closed.Ok it was a Toshiba A200. i dont know anything else about it.

yep funny, But mummy's case isn'

@Simi Speaks
Thanks for believing in my mum. Lol @ what the text should read. Alhaji for where? lawwllll

the thing wey i see too heavy for my mouth. I no fit yarn
Text meant for her? Blood of Jesus! I reject by fire by force.the secret no be perfume just that.......... we no dey take our bath daily na once weekly and u will get more than laptop.lawwllll

Yep , i delivered a post without been 'begged' to update nah.Yes oooo women are robots.I dont snoop nah, serious lollll

@Anonymous Gal
I am hugging you too. And i dont advice you to continue snooping it only birth pains and aches (not all the time though *wink*)

darkelcee said...

There are plenty Older females that can be her friend now. Wetin she wan take Male friend do? se u see san i don see plenty with snooping? lesson learnt

I am doing well. Shine wetin? Mba. Mommy, must take care of us now. I am the last child. I still need pampering.I think the truth is that we children dont want to let go.

Plenty things is wrong with mumsy dating.I throw my hand across.lawlll

I know i confirmed it with allied too.Dont worry your own special miracle is on the way.

She is not all by herself she has her children and 7 grandchildren. is that not enough load?I have learnt and also stopped snooping. lol i dont want to die

God will surprise you with the payment In Jesus name.Yes ohhh, but u know awuf dey run belle?
63 is def too

@Ms emmotions
I join you to recieve it my sis

Thanks all for the love

Pink Lips said...

Pls tell you pastor i want a laptop too!!!!

Sometimes i snoop too and then i hold my breath hoping i wldn't find anything. I check my bf's emails everyday, still aven't found anything tho.



Anyway, stop by the
...Easier... blog. You won a top spot oh! Check out for your name in the right sidebar. You will be pleasantly surprised! How body?


Nyemoni said...

hahahahahaha! Na wah for you o! You thought your mami had a new love eh? LOL....You gotta be kidding!
35 hale's for your new Lappie...

Zena said...

This laptop crisis, please pray for me cos I need another one ooh!

lol,Well it would be weird but nice if your mum found love again, wat 's the worst that could happen?

lovely blog, congrats on the laptop, I hope I find that same favor

Afrobabe said...

I had a wonderful comment till I saw Fluffy's comment...dont listen to the queen of snooping oh...I cant help it...I even read strangers text messages...

Congrats on the laptop...that pischore shows the emotions well...

UndaCovaSista said...

Halleluyah (x35)

Ol' girl,you sabi snoop o! And i'm the one called undacovasista :)

darkelcee said...

@Pink lips
No be my pastor na God so i will tell God about it ok.I think you should just stop checking ur Bf's mails or SMS. you will feel good and breathe better if you do.

You want lotto? for wetin? lollllll.I am good and very much better. I have checked out your blog and left a comment.I am actually doing a flip now, Back front, side up and down laawlllll

Guess i was just doing James Bond for nothing.Thanks for the Halleluyah jare.Your miracle is on the way.

the worst that could happen is for her to tell us that she wants to do the do.(Infact there mere thot of it is giving me goose pimples) Tufiakwa!You will find the same favor in Jesus name

You read strangers messages? lawwwlllll. I saw one Nollywood drama one time that some sent curses to another person thru SMS.So please stop make u no go read curse abeg.lolll

Maybe i should change to uncovaelcee?lol

Thanks all

Ms. Catwalq said...

Please allow your mum o because had the tables been turned, the average man will remarry.

Aijay said...

LOL!! Snooper, u've got some mad skills o. lol
Pls let ur mum be. Her happiness is all that counts, right?
Loving ur blog babes.

Unbiased said...

First of all congrats on the laptop.
Second, kai!!! You eye no go kill you. Careful with the snooping. you may find something you wish you hadnt.
Third. Girl leave your mama alone. I hope she finds someone. My parents are divorced and i am my mum's 'husband'. Sometimes i feel (For 5mins or so) like just telling her to get a man and leave me alone. lol!!

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwww, let your mom date if she so wishes. It's only natural, but I understand how you feel.

As for the cheating friend...I would have been FURIOUS!!!!!

Congrats on the new laptop!!!!

Olamild said...

glory glory halleluyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for your laptop

I bet Uncle L gave you two a big knock on the head

soupasexy said...

lmao lmao...i shout halleluyah for u and pray say ur friend no go charge u 2mm,u know now, no be naija ur mama jare! lof is good.

Omosewa said...

Number 1, abeg come and shake my e-hand, infact what am i saying, let us hug veryyyyyy tight, me sef i need new laptop, Jesus...father Lord, i know you know all and see all...ande..ok im sure papa God gets

My dear, me i try not to snoop, but sometimes u cant help it. Not telling was a good idea, no need, im sure he has changed his ways.

LOL@ur friend who left her house to come gist you about noises, all these uncles sef...

About your momma, awwwww im sure she misses your dad,most women just channel their attention to their kids and grandkids...

Beyond said...

35 halleluyah!... now to your snooping.... abeg free your mama if she wan date.......hope you don't get caught....besides you should have learnt from the purnishment you got.

Obinwanne said...

snooping....laptop for free....heavy miracle...who's ur pastor? pstor chris?

Afrobabe said...

I swear I just cant help it, all you have to say is hold my phone!!!

Naija Chickito said...

Shame on me. I'm just seeing this post.

Congrats on your new laptop. I'm happy for you. I hope your friend doesn't call to ask for the money o. We pray against such...

Snooping no dey pay o! To be for warned is to be for armed.

anonymous gal said...

madam use the nu laptop to update now

darkelcee said...

@Ms Catawalq
Yep very true but she is my mum

Her happiness is her kids. and we count abi? thanks for the love.

Tnak jare.Your miracle is on the way too.Ok i have heard i will only leave her if she reaffirm her love for us.

the "chaser" is not even my friend more like an elder brother.i was mad but had to swallow everything up like that.Thank you and kiss da boiz for moi.

Thanks.Uncle L asked us to kneel down for like 1 hour.I got my tears cleaned off before going home abi how will i explain what happend?

I don use Holy Ghost fire bind and hold her. She will not ask again.Let mumsy too free

darkelcee said...

this is a ful bear hug for you.Miracle is just by ur side catch it I pray so too. he must chnage by force.Best comment on mumsy ever. Thanks she shoud do just dat

You dont know what they say about curiosity killing the cat? But i dont think i am a cat no death here for your

lolllllll. i am a Redeemed christian Church of God Member (Pastor E.A Adeboye) I am marketing my church, come one come

Oh my goodness ...llawwwwwwwwllllllllll

@Naija Chikito
Abi i don relax now.before i kill myself.

@Anonymous girl
LOlll>i sent it to a friend to help install microsoft office on it. Should get it back by wednesday but i will update before then.

Love you all!

TinTin said...

lol...eya..ur snooping history is so funny!!
mehn being lonely is not easy ohhh!!! if ever she decided she wanted to start dating...i think ur support and prayers wld be appreciated!!!

AJIKE said...

lol lol..can't stop laughing...pls first and formost...i collect my blessing mumsci allow her jo...u write well too.larer mehn!

Anonymous said...

hi chic i wish i could reciprocate in the same manner ur friends friend did but truth be told,with my present boss,natin natin.he is always plucking his nose,that alone is enough for me.

but i will just inform him formally sha