Tuesday, June 09, 2009

When will i grow up?

To God be the glory for another bright and extremely sunny day. how have you guys been?

I have come again oh with my high level of foolishness.

Sit back and have a good laugh

Before i got married, i had this vision of 'enjoying' my marriage before kids start coming in. I had the mind of waiting till after one year before i start thinking of kids. Your sister got married and was constantly going to Jerusalem ( no allow me spell am out now, please decode) without using any protection. People please ask me what was i thinking?

It never crossed my mind that i would "catch" belle but blogville i don catch oh......big time.
Remembered my last post that i complained of getting fatter? apparently na lil elcees dey grow inside me.

kai women dey suffer............... the thing my eye don see in the last 2 months? abeg make i no scare the upcoming mummies in the house. Maybe i can submit my story to Bambina self?

It all started with lil headaches and tiredness it now aggravated to vomiting everything and nothing. My body temparature can boil water. i have already taken 3 days off work and i know i still have plenty months to go! I went to the hospital hoping there could be something to remove the "omolaria" that is worrying me but the doctor looked at me and said it will pass that i should manage. heheheeheheh*wailing* manage till when?

I really pitied hubby cos the dude now knows how to eat noodles well well when his wife can't cook anything. We had earlier agreed on no househelps till we start having kids but i think he is almost changing his mind now cos of the food part ( he is so hardworking that he cant cook nada)

The only food i dont throw up is Amala! Imagine? eating amala in the office when everyone is forming with correct meal. My office assistant is an angel from God, the guy comes exactly 1pm daily to ask me for money to help buy the food( i cant eat the food i manage to cook at home) . I never knew you could get good amala joint in Victoria Island but somehow the guy comes back with my bowl of steaming hot amala and ewedu. God bless his soul

My Summation .................................................

We have rested the case of pounded yam for now until i get my groove back.

please peeps that have 4 kids how did they manage it? ( SSD how you take manage?)Cos i dont know if i can go again oh. So please help me pray for Twins. Miracle can still happen....... my hubby is a twin and his mum had two sets so please let it be replicated in our family

Dark-elooooo wants TWINS by fire

Will def keep you posted. let me go resume my prayers for twins.

Love you so much.