Thursday, November 22, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 22

I was tagged by 30+ and allied....

Where do I start? Hmmmmm ok I will start from the very beginning and of course starting with a song.

You are worthy to be glorified
You are worthy oh –oh Lord
You are worthy to be glorified
You are worthy Lord.

I join the Host of heaven and my fellow bloggers to say THANK YOU LORD. Lord, I worship you because you are good; you are wiser than the Wisest, Greater than the greatest. You are beautiful beyond description my God that seats on the heaven and makes the earth his footstool!

My father I praise you, I worship and adore you because you have been everything to me, You have been my shield and rock, my support, my defender. You have given me a reason to smile

Thank you for my salvation, thank you for the mercy you made available onto me when you decided to “adopt” me as your baby. Thank you for my greatest friend the Holy Spirit that you blessed me with.

Thank you oh Lord because I’m not good enough but you still love me. You’ve been faithful to me even when I have been faithless. You’ve always been there even on those days I was not available

Thank you for the gift of Life. Many wish to be alive today but they are no more. Its not because I’ve been faithful nether is it that i am better off than the others but your mercy has been available unto me.

Daddy, I thank you for my family (biological and blogville.)

Thank you for my brother’s new job I am much grateful. Thank you for mine too thanks you because you are moving me higher this year.

Thank you for my future, thank you because my life is in your hands.

Thank you for favor and Grace you have shown me every single day for the past 28 years.

Thank you for preserving me till today (Most grateful for the incident that happened when I was 9 as i would have died in a wardrobe)

Thank you for growth and expansion; spiritual, physical, financial etc

Thank you daddy because everything I am today is just YOU. Thank you for been the centre of my world. Thank you for been good to me in every circumstances and situation

Thank you because those low moments in my life are your plans to lift me up.

Thank you lord for making “lines to fall unto me in perfect places and giving a good inheritance.” Thank you Daddy because there has been and there will always be Life in my pathway.

Thank you for making my life beautiful again. Thank you Daddy for giving me a reason to live. I am most grateful to you for being my Emmanuel.

Olorun mi to da aye ati orun,
Oba nla to so ile aye ro.
Gbani gbani lojo iku.
Oba to pa Ojo Iku da,
Kabi o si Eledumare.
Alagbada Ina
Alawo tele orun
Olowogbogboro tin yo omo e kuro ninu ofin
Oba lana loni ati titi aye.
Arugbo Ojo,Eleti gbaroye.
Gbongbo Idile Jesse
Kiniun eya Judah
Oba to tele bi aso to fi imole se aso ibora.
Eleru niyin.
Aribiti rabata eni nla ti ko se pa.
Erujeje Oko Pharaoh.
Awimayehun ,Alewi lese Alese lewi

If not for you where would I have been! I am so thankful.

Thank you Lord.

I tag everybody.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Children of Now-a-days!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attached is one of my favorite stress reliever. Hope you will like it. CAN'T JUST DELETE IT FROM MY MAIL BOX.(i am getting naughtier each
This is a serious issue ooo!

I was gisting with my niece and nephew today and I heard the BIG one.

Background check: my niece came home with a gift bag from school, her classmate was celebrating his birthday blah blah , I sha rummaged thru the bag and discovered a lot of things so I wondered aloud who the celebrant was and how the parents must have been very rich to provide all those stuffs.

Sha, the following discussion ensued:

Nephew (6 years Old): The celebrant is A and he is my sister’s husband.

Yours truly: (surprised look with mouth wide open)

Niece (3 years old): giggling (as if she was offered a chewing gum cos that’s her favorite)…Naahhhhh

Nephew: Yes or is A not your husband again?

Niece: No…ehmmm… Yes …. (Smiling )

By this time I couldn’t help myself again but I needed to pretend so that I can hear more gists.

Nephew: You remember the day she did not go to school? A came to my class to ask after her (A da bloke too is 3 years old…. E gbami lowo awon omo yii !).

Nephew: they come to Club meetings together (Red Cross)

Yours Truly: silently cursing their teacher for not putting A in Boys Scout and my niece in Brownie)

All the while this conversation was on, my niece was smiling sheepishly covering her eyes with her hands obviously getting embarrassed.

Niece: My mummy said I will do my birthday again this November,(she was born in April) and I told A I will give him plenty gift.

Yours Truly: Can it be that A packed my neice’s gift bag special for her? (I am really getting agitated)

Nephew: hmmmm, Mummy says your birthday is once a year and you celebrated it sometimes back

Niece: A says I should do Barbie cake again!

And she bounced off.

I sat down for a few minutes trying to get myself together. Men! what is this world turning into? At age 3 I knew nada! My knowledge and awareness of that was level -5 not even 0. I probably still bed wet!

Infact, if a boy writes us love letter then (I grew up in the letter-writing era….lol) we will read with our friends then the bold ones amongst us copy it on the board for the others to digest and enjoy.

Where are these kids getting these guts and boldness (which some of us could not exhibit till we got to college) from? Men I don old no be small thing ….lol!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My nephew wanted to show his mum how good his French was;

Nephew: Mummy, Mummy I can greet you in French (excitedly)

Mummy: Ok, please do

Nephew: Johnbull Mademoiselle!(with courtesy and all seriousness)

I started laughing so hard (with tears in my eyes) cos I knew that was a goof. He started crying, guess he was embarrassed. Sha gathered my self together and corrected him (Bonjour Mademoiselle).

Wetin I no go see with these children?


Had a poll up on my blog sometimes ago, I needed to find out if I was normal or not. Yours truly, gbadun talking on the phone more than meeting people one on one. It is something that is just part of me. I sometimes initiates meeting but I always end up feeling awkward most of the time though. Am I ok?

Someone complained about it and then I wanted to find out if it was only me and thanks to all my peeps who voted… now I know I am not alone.