Thursday, November 22, 2007

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 22

I was tagged by 30+ and allied....

Where do I start? Hmmmmm ok I will start from the very beginning and of course starting with a song.

You are worthy to be glorified
You are worthy oh –oh Lord
You are worthy to be glorified
You are worthy Lord.

I join the Host of heaven and my fellow bloggers to say THANK YOU LORD. Lord, I worship you because you are good; you are wiser than the Wisest, Greater than the greatest. You are beautiful beyond description my God that seats on the heaven and makes the earth his footstool!

My father I praise you, I worship and adore you because you have been everything to me, You have been my shield and rock, my support, my defender. You have given me a reason to smile

Thank you for my salvation, thank you for the mercy you made available onto me when you decided to “adopt” me as your baby. Thank you for my greatest friend the Holy Spirit that you blessed me with.

Thank you oh Lord because I’m not good enough but you still love me. You’ve been faithful to me even when I have been faithless. You’ve always been there even on those days I was not available

Thank you for the gift of Life. Many wish to be alive today but they are no more. Its not because I’ve been faithful nether is it that i am better off than the others but your mercy has been available unto me.

Daddy, I thank you for my family (biological and blogville.)

Thank you for my brother’s new job I am much grateful. Thank you for mine too thanks you because you are moving me higher this year.

Thank you for my future, thank you because my life is in your hands.

Thank you for favor and Grace you have shown me every single day for the past 28 years.

Thank you for preserving me till today (Most grateful for the incident that happened when I was 9 as i would have died in a wardrobe)

Thank you for growth and expansion; spiritual, physical, financial etc

Thank you daddy because everything I am today is just YOU. Thank you for been the centre of my world. Thank you for been good to me in every circumstances and situation

Thank you because those low moments in my life are your plans to lift me up.

Thank you lord for making “lines to fall unto me in perfect places and giving a good inheritance.” Thank you Daddy because there has been and there will always be Life in my pathway.

Thank you for making my life beautiful again. Thank you Daddy for giving me a reason to live. I am most grateful to you for being my Emmanuel.

Olorun mi to da aye ati orun,
Oba nla to so ile aye ro.
Gbani gbani lojo iku.
Oba to pa Ojo Iku da,
Kabi o si Eledumare.
Alagbada Ina
Alawo tele orun
Olowogbogboro tin yo omo e kuro ninu ofin
Oba lana loni ati titi aye.
Arugbo Ojo,Eleti gbaroye.
Gbongbo Idile Jesse
Kiniun eya Judah
Oba to tele bi aso to fi imole se aso ibora.
Eleru niyin.
Aribiti rabata eni nla ti ko se pa.
Erujeje Oko Pharaoh.
Awimayehun ,Alewi lese Alese lewi

If not for you where would I have been! I am so thankful.

Thank you Lord.

I tag everybody.


30+ said...

Koyipo pada
O joba titi aiye
Ajinde Ati Iye

I joind Darkelcee to say KABIYESI O

Wardrobe?! You too...hmn memory comes flooding back lemme just meshionu for now.

bimbylads said...

i had goosebumps reading this. Thank you Jesus for u friend ... mwahXX

Allied said...

Kabiyesi. Aru gbo ojo. Oro wa o ni su Olurun ni oruko jesu. (Amin)

I thank God for you. Also, i want to know about the wardrobe incident.. Oya, spill quick, quick

darkelcee said...

@30+ .....yes o plenty memories do you have same experience too? Well thank God for his mercies.

@Bimbylads: thanks for the kiss. same to you (lol!)

@allied.... Amen o that is a powerful one cos without him we are nothing.

darkelcee said...

Ok wardrobe incident.... my brother and i came back from school and felt like playing hide and seek.

So i decided to hide in the wardrobe and my borther locked me up. when i started loosing my breath i told him to open it, lo and behold the key got broken.We both started scream and crying and i was suffocating.

Miraculously my other brother walked in from school and help to break the wordrobe by that time i was almost gone.....

once again ,Father i am so grateful.

rethots said...

Kabiyesi (the unquestionable one), is such a profound description of Him whom we owe our existence.

His continual (everyday) presence in our lives, gives every reason to thank Him.

i join Darklecee in saying) "If not for You (Lord) where would i have been? i am so thankful (& grateful for life).

Jaycee said...

Thank God for making my life beautiful again...

I thank God with you for such a beautiful life...

This was beautiful...

Jaycee said... ur wardrobe story.....*phew* Thank God!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

WoW.... aint God something. He too created languages..... to profess praises to Him in. Lord you are simply beautiful. Muahhhhhhhh.

Your thankful piece was just wonderful. God is good. It simply the truth.

bighead said...

You would've died in a wardrobe? Tell us about that one.

darkelcee said...

@Big head…. My bros I shared the story in my comment to allied. Missing you already

@the life of a stranger called me…. I trip when I hear different languages and I know that He understands everything. He is sure an Awesome God!
Thanks for the comment.

@ Jaycee… thanks so much and I thank God again and again for making my life beautiful

@rethots.. Abi , If not for God!

Thanks all


Olamild said...

I love the accolade given to the lord


Afrobabe said...

We also thank God for ur life and for blessing us with knowing u.

darkelcee said...

@Olamild.... He sure deserves more than that

@Afrobabe.....*blushing* ohhhhhhhhhh thanks love

30+ said...

I know you are still rolling on the floor thanking God. It's okay you can get up and update now.

princesa said...

Thank God for you o!
But you sabi rap yoruba sha,lol!

darkelcee said...

@funny sista, i don update o

@ Princesa ... i am a proper yoruba girl even with my "ajebota"

i dey try sha

thanks all