Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday Afternoon in Lasgidi

Hi all

Thank God for his mercies, we have seen another day hale and hearty

Please join me and shout 24 halleluyah!!!!!(as today is 24th now)

Ok thanks for the love you peeps have shown me because without your comments this blog will be boring (don’t be afraid I aint leaving blogville)

This is going all out to my Lagos peeps……………

Brighten up your Sunday Afternoon @ Terra Kulture in June and July as the Nobel Laureate’s (
Wole Soyinka) plays is being staged there.

Tagged Theatre@Terra .Wait a minute, dem no pay me kobo/cent/penny for this advert , but I thoroughly enjoyed my self on Sunday and needed to share it.

It was my 1st time of seeing a staged play (actually my very good friend invited me ….thank God he did) and I am planning on going there till the season is over.

Excerpts from one of the Plays “
Trials of Brother Jero”

- While holding a service at the beach, Bro Jero went into trance and started screaming …

“Baba Jami si” lollllllllllllllll ( God reveal everything to me - "Jasi" is a slang, not a regular Yoruba word!)

Later he asked the congregation to dance to Beenie man’s song…..

Hey move to the left in the name of Jesus (repeat) Move to the right in the name of the lord (repeat) Could I see you just shake that bootie that Jesus gave you (repeat) Shake that bootie in the name of lord (repeat) “ While checking up the female church members’ bootie! (Imagine a pastor leading his congregation to shake that bootie in the name of the Lord!)

Pleaseeeee blogville, take time to go and watch these staged plays and its just N2000…It’s a value for your money.

Where is
Laspapi? He must pay me for this unsolicited advert , COT now abi?

And for my peeps that are not in naija presently ….i will try and record a “pirated” copy for u (hope u wont mind the background laughs, giggles and coughs)

I am doing well with my shoes!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reason why...

Hey guys

Thank God it’s another day

I am so sorry for updating this late but you know there should be a reason.

I have been busy perfecting how to balance and walk well with my 4 ½ inches shoe.

I don’t wear shoes with pointed heel. I grew up wearing flat or block heels

Had a long thought about it and got my self 3 lovely shoes all ranging from 4 ½ inches to 5 ½ inches! (I actually measured them with my ruler!)

Wore the 5 1/2 inches to a wedding on saturday and there was no chair for yours truly .

I formed activity with the Stiletto heels for a while but when headache started i hurriedly got out my slippers and boned everyone!( before person will die on top fashion..... who send me work self?)

So blogville I will be back soon.


Monday, June 02, 2008

.......they will not catch me

Howdy all? Weekend and all?

Well, thank God its Monday (even if some of us hate Mondays with a passion)

What is it about Mondays self. I just dont dig that day!

I am sure the hatred went as far back as when i was a toddler. l always cry to school on Mondays.

Now today is Monday and i hate it even more.


I have a big boil (skin abscess) on the lower lid of my left eye.

Picture this : Joe Lasisi(after a thorough trashing by his opponent with his face twice its normal size) trying to display his trophy after winning a major fight (insert;by a stroke of luck of course!).

Even baba Iyabo looks more like Denzel Washington compared with yours truly.

I can barely read blogs. ( Who am i kidding?loll)

I will be back (with a bang) once this boil is off my case.

Someone told me that having a boil in Yoruba land conotes fertility! I am feeling really giddy even with the pain.
........Darkelcee is Fertile.LMAO!

Loads of Love!