Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am so Greatful!!!!!!


I dont know where to start from but i guess i have to start from the very beginning

I give glory to my maker, my creator, my shield, my rock and my backbone.

I adore you the Almighty,Aji pa Ojo Iku da, (Allied pls interprete) the Prince of peace.

I stand in awe of u and i sing this song with joy in my heart to Him who was , is and is to come.

"Mi o ri ori o Olorun mi me sugbon mo feel e

I feel your prescence Olorun mi ninu aiye mi

I feel your prescence Olorun mi ninu ise mi"

Ok i can do much more but i will reserve that for a quiet time with him.

Why am i praising my Creator?..... its because today is my Birthday and also today is my last day at my current job! I am resuming in somewhere better ASAP.

My new job was a miracle and i will share a bit with you. I told God last year that i want a particular level and i laughed at myself cos attaining that position is impossible especially when its an office thingy ........lo and behold i got that level which is two steps higher than my current position. i thought this feat was only obtainainable only in Primary school where a geek in ur class gets double promotion and leaves his classmate behind? but i got mine not because i am faithful but because of His mercy and love.

My 5th birthday call was from my mum and guess her regulars? after the congratulatory messgaes, she went ......God will give u a good husband, Bone of ur Bone, flesh of ur flesh, u will not marry another person's bone ( o ni gbe egun elegun) and next year its in ur hubby's house" i said amen but couldnt resist laughing. pray tell why are parents like that ?

I am back on blogville for real. Missed you guys so much.

Thanks for your comments on my previous post and God indeed answered your prayers on me.

Well my take on those kids?.....summer holiday will def be in Abeokuta henceforth (with their Grandma) as vacation anywhere else is off for the next 4 yrs? ( is that too lenient?lollll)

Note that i accept gift items and other stuffs for this birthday parri.

Date and venue of the combined party will be communicated soon.

Come one, come all!!!!

Thanks for your massages on FB

c u around!