Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am so Greatful!!!!!!


I dont know where to start from but i guess i have to start from the very beginning

I give glory to my maker, my creator, my shield, my rock and my backbone.

I adore you the Almighty,Aji pa Ojo Iku da, (Allied pls interprete) the Prince of peace.

I stand in awe of u and i sing this song with joy in my heart to Him who was , is and is to come.

"Mi o ri ori o Olorun mi me sugbon mo feel e

I feel your prescence Olorun mi ninu aiye mi

I feel your prescence Olorun mi ninu ise mi"

Ok i can do much more but i will reserve that for a quiet time with him.

Why am i praising my Creator?..... its because today is my Birthday and also today is my last day at my current job! I am resuming in somewhere better ASAP.

My new job was a miracle and i will share a bit with you. I told God last year that i want a particular level and i laughed at myself cos attaining that position is impossible especially when its an office thingy ........lo and behold i got that level which is two steps higher than my current position. i thought this feat was only obtainainable only in Primary school where a geek in ur class gets double promotion and leaves his classmate behind? but i got mine not because i am faithful but because of His mercy and love.

My 5th birthday call was from my mum and guess her regulars? after the congratulatory messgaes, she went ......God will give u a good husband, Bone of ur Bone, flesh of ur flesh, u will not marry another person's bone ( o ni gbe egun elegun) and next year its in ur hubby's house" i said amen but couldnt resist laughing. pray tell why are parents like that ?

I am back on blogville for real. Missed you guys so much.

Thanks for your comments on my previous post and God indeed answered your prayers on me.

Well my take on those kids?.....summer holiday will def be in Abeokuta henceforth (with their Grandma) as vacation anywhere else is off for the next 4 yrs? ( is that too lenient?lollll)

Note that i accept gift items and other stuffs for this birthday parri.

Date and venue of the combined party will be communicated soon.

Come one, come all!!!!

Thanks for your massages on FB

c u around!



LG said...


ur cake looks deliciouslious, wanna share?? *winks*

LG said...

congrats on ur new job too
'we go wash am o'


Afrobabe said...

Awwww welcome back darling and congrats on the new job/ deserve it for being a faithful BLOGGER…
Happy birthday, that prayer sounds like my mum’s but let me add a few of mine.
May God continue to guide and protect you and put you in places where people thought it was impossible to get…

Free-flowing Florida said...

double congrats, dear!

Thank God 4 ur new job & dat u turned another year with all ur body parts intact & ur brain functioning on top speed. b4 MM, i stopped reacting 2 prayers abt husband. Infact, i'll shout a loud 'AMEN!' ah, ah. if i pretend i don't want 2 marry & God decides 2 answer dat prayer nko? na who i go blame? abeg o. am following ur mom 2 pray too. God will give u a good husband, Bone of ur Bone, flesh of ur flesh, u will not marry another person's bone ( o ni gbe egun elegun) and next year its in ur hubby's house! oya, shout am: AMEN O. nothing do u, my sister. pple wey dey marry, no be 2 heads dem get!

woz ur facebook address? let me holla u there!

Dee! said...

Happy Birthday to you! I join your Mum in her prayers for you. Stay Blessed! And congrats on your new job!

aloted said...

congrats!!! totally loving ur cake...

and i totally support your mumc's prayer..pls o..berra believe!!! gba!!! lol

and we thank God for the new job...he is an awesome God!

Jaycee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ ur mum's prayer...may God give you the bone of your bones for real!!!

May your day be splendid.


Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...



my dear no one does it better than J.E.S.U.S. we give thanks.

welcome back sweetie. hope to see u around.

Rinsola said...

Mai lorf, didn't know you are also a fellow august born. Happy brithday love, and thank God for the new job, it's only God who is in the business of turning impossibilities to possibilities. Thank God and as for your mums' prayers, Amen to them. Do you still have some cake left? lol

Naija Idol said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on ur new job. He indeed is a great God.

I need my share of the cake ooo.
Where d party @????

princesa said...

Happy birthday babe and what a delightful birthday pressie that was! I mean the new job with better pay. We have to wash it and not inside computer o!lol!
Good to have you back.
I didn't get to taste that cake :(

Mums will be mums!

30+ said...


Sorry I am late but I dey yonder and have been missing in action.

We need to celebrate this promotion big time.

Take care


Writefreak said...

Happy birthday in arrears babes, and thank God for His mercies in your life, God is indeed a faithful God!
Lol @ asking allied to interprete, she seems to be the Yoruba expert in blogville...
Can we hook up on facebook babes?

anonymous gal said...

Happy bday.and congrats on the nu job

rethots said...

"...not because i am faithful but because of His mercy and love." Nothing could be truer.

...simply why He is without equal. His name is Ka-bi-o-ko-si (Kabiyesi)

Carlang said...

Extremely delighted for you.
Happy Birthday dear.
I'll send you a cake once i get round to baking it.

God bless!!

Kafo said...

happy birthday in aries oooo

Esmeralda said...

awww, congratulations and a very happy belated birthday babe. that cake looks delicosa!

i "key in" to your testimony o, so that i can come to share mine soon as well.

good to have you back.

shalewa said...

happy berray! and congrats on d new job.who else can give such happiness if not God.i hope u kept ma cake.

Allied said...

I am so late sugbon ma binu si mi. Happy belated birthday. As you request for the audiesnce “Aji pa Ojo Iku da” – means “ he who alters the day of death”

Ni oruko Jesus – Oro re ko ni su Olurun .
Oke oke ni o na maa lo.
O ni noga ko to to,
O ni lagun ko to jeun.
Agba ni wada ni oruko Jesu .

ablackjamesbond said...

My Sis, 4give my lateness...been quite busy lately. Happy belated birthay and congrats...when we go wash am?

Vera Ezimora said...

Ah, babe congrats oh! Thank God for being faithful as usual.

So where we go do dis parry? For moon abi for star? Tell me make I buy my ticket money ASAP

TinTin said...


rethots said...

Whatelse can we be but, Thankful to Him?

Sienne said...


i just loff August people!

we thank God for ur job, we go soon dey tie aswebe and thank Gos again o

bighead said...

Hey! Congrats on the job

NikkiSab said...

Double congrats gal!!!! Wish u more years to come!! as for d job Congrats so ur 1st salary how will WE share it now.

Afrobabe said...

So u fashied us abi??

Mommy said...

Ok babes...the parry is overrrrrrr! How are you enjoying your new place? Come update ASAP!

Tears said...

yea! she back!! off read though!! :P


sisi mi, ni bo le wa? Where are you, update oh and happy belated bday!!! Gosh, can I have some of that cake?

Simi Speaks said...

where are u hon?

Simi Speaks said...

where are u hon?

Afrobabe said...

Update least let us know u are ok...

Lady A said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! And congrats on your new job. I know you are excited.

darkelcee said...

thanks everyone for ur comment. I am alive and well. Ill reply all comments soon.

LG said...

BABE kilode????????????
i just hope u r well o HABA!!!