Saturday, September 27, 2008


My peeps, sup?

I know i deserve to be spanked but please accept my apologies.

To God be the glory for keeping us all alive, hale and hearty , for making lines to fall unto us in perfect places and making our inheritance sure!

Thanks for checking up on me, for your moral, spiritual and financial(?lol) support. I really appreciate it.

Would have just write out my Fb address here but I have been watching a lot of Crime and Investigation channel lately and fear just dey catch me for these virtual hook ups. My bible don assure me sha that if God be for me....... but hey what am i feeling like? Obama or Clinton?loll

So i promise to send my id to each blogger. (who knows i might want to take a political post in naija soon and i need your support!)

I am doing quite well, missed one vital wedding (*wink*), missed SBR waoh! I don miss plenty oh, but hey i have plenty gist for you guys and as a repentant blogger i promise to update more often.

August 15th marked my 1 year in blogville. one year of self discovery, you peeps may not know it but you have all contributed in improving my self esteem. Blogville rock!

I need to know your opinion on one issue....... a single lady meets a dude ( husband material.... sebi you know them now?lol) only for you to discover your genotype is AS.( 6months into the relationship oh)

- what will you do? Colntinue or Break off?(pleaseeee give your reasons)
-If the lady insist on continuing; medically is there a way that they can both have a baby with AS at first attempt on child bearing?( Doctors in the

Take good care of you and for bloggers that are not in naija sorry oh cos monday thru wednesday na public Holiday again.

Oh how i love these holidays!!!!!!!

Holiday is coming
No more western avenue crazy traffic
No more checking your time to beat 3rd mainland bridge closure
3 days of bliss!!!!!

My very good friend's birthday is today.
kay, you are my brother from another parent.
you have been a good friend that any one can EVER wish for,
maybe if you were not married with 2 wonderful kids i might have cut eye for you(lol)
Wishing you the very best this new year and i pray God will grant you favour.
blogville, i need you guys to give a shout out to KK!


Anonymous said...

as long as the other person is AA dont think theres a problem, but again im no doc, and coming from a home where there was an SS i know how that feels when the pain starts n the eventual loss is more of happiness for the person. So think o, love doesnt count here. Na wao, almost 4 days free, no work.

Abujamaiden said...

True @ Spreza. I'm not AS so I should balance the equation but I feel so bad for ASes in love maybe with medical technology!

Vera Ezimora said...

Dang. I dunno oh. You should ask Naapali. He's the doc. Don't wanna say something stupid here.

Welcome back.

Waiting for the fb id

Simi Speaks said...

welcome love!

30+ said...

Welcome back o

aloted said...

welcome back..u've been missed!
waiting to hear all the gist..

As per the AS stuff...hmm...was going to blog about it once but men i think that will be opening a can of worms.

i think it is a personal decision. As for me, I have SS cousins and know what they go through so will not advise any one to go down that route. but then again there's the faith angle.

Medically there are all sort but am not sure about the moral implications. Abeg let the doctors in the house comment.

Anonymous said...

nope!!AS + AS..NEVER!!!!if they have SS child that child will suffer!!!it is PAIN to be a sickler!!!PAIN!!!PAIN!!!and d heartache the parents go through nko?

30+ said...

Just gave you an award, check my blog.

NikkiSab said...

Well if she is AA den no probs but if she is AS .....sadly de will n MUST part ways. Pain on dem and d kids in d future will wrong.
Madam repentant blogger update!!!!

aloted said...

where r u??? come back oooo

Sherri said...

i agree with sprezatura
welcome back!

how u dey?


Mehn, tough issue.

As long as both individuals know what they are in for, there is little reason o break off for that reason alone. If they opt to marry, they have the option of adoption and if they are REALLY RICH, they have the option of genetic screening to prevent a fetus with sickle cell from coming to term and or simply remove that cell all together (I've heard such is possible but can't confirm).

No matter what, the Lord will lead the way as long one let's HIm.

How now?

Rita said...

Thanks for dropping by...I like the way you appreciate God...

As per the AS advise includes
1. Do they have faith enough to believe none of their children will come out SS? If they do, they can go ahead. If not then...

2. Are they ready to face the consequences of bringing into this world an SS child? If yes, they can go ahead. If no, they should be realistic.

Solomonsydelle pointed out very reasonable solutions if they go ahead...but it's something they must be prepared for together.

Love is not so blind as we think...

Uzezi said...

i swear to God, i've forgotten someone called darkelcee till i saw ur comment somewhere today. where ve u been? i no gree o. we go settle matter later.

i am AS and i know i just can fool myself in the name of love with an AS, when we had SS in my extended family, that are gone.

but as long as a part of the couple is AA like Sprezature said, no wahala.

So when are u giving the gist?

OluwaDee said...

I havent been here in a while.

Aspa AS r'shipts, its better to end it oh. Cos dealing with an SS child aint easy.

That said, I know 2 couples who are in it.

FFF said...

na waka 4 real, u do dis girl? abeg, come back.

Allied said...


Doja said...

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

...a day at a time and the year rolls by.

La Reine said...

Where are you....

ablackjamesbond said...

Where art thou?

Writefreak said...

Once again woman, where are you??? We miss you o!

Afronuts said...

Man...i cant wait for the holidays too oh!

U just reminded me too. Wow...i cant wait!

How hav u been? welcome back girl

tankojjetty said...

thats really easy...
break up
you dont wanna go through it...
trust me, i know