Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Tittle

To God be the glory for the great thing he has done.

He has decided to keep each of us alive against all odds. Thank you Jesus

I am in best of moods guess becos its almost weekend.......

This is gong to be the randomest post ever in the history of blogging.

Ok, its been a long while i know but i have been reading all your blogs and have left comments on a few. how are y'all doing?

I had cause to change my job again (long story for another day) i am actually out of banking , i now work in an ICT company and i am enjoying every bit of it. I am not an engineer oh , i just happen to be in the finance unit.This office na real waoh, here people call each other ma and sir and the new inductees sometimes attempt to kneel while greeting you. ewwwwwwww. (in an official environment) next thing now na iya and baba lagbaja we go dey call ourselves.

Na me go change all that. If you need sir and ma tittle consult your family members. abi now?lol

Like 3 weeks ago i got very sick and for the first time since i was born in the hospital, i slept in the hospital again. it was a terrible experience. i was admitted for acute malaria and very low blood pressure.......Quoting a friend who said "darkelcee this your low blood pressure means you are now hyper-relaxed" (yeye girl). Please how do peeps manage with needle and syringe without crying? The fear alone aided my getting well on time. I left the hospital with chicken pox ( you will say at my age and size abi?) i always thought chicken pox was "designed" for toddlers and children but Yours Truly caught the pox!

Pox Story

My nephew came home early october with the story of a classmate of his who was quarantined for pox, i remembered asking him if he played with him and he was like no way. Three days later he had chicken pox. If only i had moved out, maybe i would have been saved from been miss spoty elcee. My niece was rushed to the hospital for the immunization but guess what? the chicken pox broke out exactly where she got the injection.( na fake immunization dem give am?) When she got it, we all got afraid, because she can be very lousy when she is ill. She started with running after moi with the intention rubbing her body on mine so that i can catch the thing then graduated into saying stuffs like "aunty elcee, you will catch chicken pox in Jesus name" Just imagine the rat!

Her prayers got answered somewhat and i got it, but you know the proverb in Yoruba that Na God dey help chase flies for a tail-less cow, the spots are not so obvious because i am dark!

I am so greatful to God for this my skin colour oh. Chei, you needed to see my nephew when he had his.lolllll

Talking about kids, and kids saying the damndest thing; i was on the phone the other day with my ex and my niece has the habit of wanting to be on talking terms with all my friends.( 4 year old oh who is her set?). she picked the phone and went like "hello uncle.....( mentioning the name of my Fiance). I couldnt stop laughing but my ex didn't find it funny, infact he promised never to call me again then ended the call. Which kain pikin be this? What if i was trying to double date na so she go blow my cover? Well for consolation, she promised to go with me when i marry eventually, abeg which kain loyalty be that? am i her mother?

Thanks for the comment on my last post you guys rock!

I will be back with a proper post soon.

Thoughts in my head.....Why do i have to learn how to drive when i was never taught how to breathe ?


ShonaVixen said...

am i first??

ShonaVixen said...

yes i am!!!yay....awww bless your lil niece, kids are like that!!
Sorry for getting the pox at your age..thankfully its not showing otherwise concealer would have been ur new best
Hmmm that your new work place..kneeling @ work...please o..what next??

LG said...

Aww pele abt d pox o'
thank God u r beta now
*lollll@iya and baba lagbaja we go dey call ourselves.
o gal' i lurvee ur strategy jare :p

BTW i lurve ya niece (u go borrow mi :p)

darkelcee said...

you will get a gift for that position.Concealer ke? mine na natural one everything just blend.

i am willing to borrow you but i doubt the parents go gree. i need rest self cant wait for school to go on vacation.

princesa said...

Congrats on the new job. But wetin happen now? Why did you leave your bank job?
Abi dem increase target?lol!

Glad u are over the illness now.

N.I.M.M.O said...

Welcome back.

Congrats on your new job but na which kain office be dat one. In most IT offices I know, every body is on first name o.

Getting CPox now, may mean you didn't get it as a kid.

bumight said...

lol, she got the pox when she was vaccinated, cos the vaccine is a live vaccine.

and you have to learn how to drive so tha u dont kill somebody!!!

rethots said...

"...Why do i have to learn how to drive..." 'cos the world is round.

30+ said...

Oh girl so how are you coping with the new job.

So no more banking, is the pay okay sha. Although it's not all about the money.

Pele o, shey you are feeling much berra

darkelcee said...

i just got a betta offer and i felt its time i left this banking stress to settle down.

no mind these people jare. me i am on first name basis with everyone.

lol@driving. i am scared!

lol. how are you doing dearie?

no more banking oh. i am much berra and the pay is better than what i was offered initially.How are you too

ibiluv said...

trust Bumight to answer like the doc she is

congrats on the job
i so love first name offices(like mine)

i like ur niece-In Jesus name she dash u small pox

babes next time u need a prayer answered ask her to pray for u

aloted said...

Pele o...i once had low blood pressure.but not to that level of being admitted in the hospital..but i let feeling really really tired..the doctor recommended adding more salt to my food to raise my blood pressure

hope u r better now...and yes ur post was very

Naija Idol said...

welcome back. my cousin gave me chicken pox 2yrs ago. still have some spots.
really random post.

Jinta said...

yup. the mother of all random posts indeed

laspapi said...

ok, that was v.random.

I caught chicken pox as an adult too.

Vera Ezimora said...


As you big reach, you dey catch chicken pox... shame on u!! Wait, this one that I'm commenting here, I hope I don't catch it ooo!

As for ur niece, lol. No be her fault na. Y is ex getting angry? Shebi na ex him be??? It's OVER!!!!!

Wait....y r u even talking 2 ex?????

darkelcee said...

its only vera that will ask y i am talking to ex. its over really. just a "how are you doing call". you wont catch it commenting.... but who knows? loll

lol. hmmm. always thought it was for kids sha.

Akanni, how you dey? just following in ur

@Naija idol
are you serious? after 2 years. lemme beginning to do midnite prayers oh. the spots must leave latest december! loll thanks. its good to be back.

dont even know where i got that from. naa too much rest after crazy bank stress i guess. ill do proper post soon.

yes oh bumight na blogville doc.i think so too as per God answering lil kids prayers. make i go write plenty request give am. but she just dey read 3 letter words.

Writefreak said...

Welcome back babe, i was about to decide to find out your house

Sorry you caught chicken pox, your post made me smile..why the kid dey pray make you get chicken glad your skin colour is hiding the spots..

How would you double date? lol, kids sa and their unassuming ways

Your new office reminds me of my first job where i was expected to be calling people mr this and mr that..shu!


sorry about the malaria ,low blood pressure and chicken pox. Na wa oh!

Congrats on the new job and the niece who "spoiled your show". lol!

Good to see you blogging again!

Ms. emmotions said...

thank God for ur color, congrats on ur new job dear, and lovly kids....

have a blessed weekend dearie

NikkiSab said...

congrats on d new job dear!!!! U r not d 1st agbaya to av chicken pox, i was 1st about two years ago - i no fit snhame but i was not seen!!!!

AlooFar said...

lol @ NikkiSab

Chicken pox? Eeya, pele O!

Hope you're good.

shalewa said...

congrats on ur new job.e be like say banking as a whole don turn to terrorist.abi dem give u target of 1 billion.a friend tried to get me a bank job and said i shud be ready to meet a target of 200 million as entry staff,wen dem no ordain me as thief.abi,if i wan thief that kin money,from where?
cpox?pele.don't worry,its once in a life time.if to say u catch am wen u small,e still beta becuz u fit cover am with legis and sweater.wen i had cpox,i was called the kro kro girl.she u still remeber me sha?

darkelcee said...

if u had googled it up you for don land my home address but im sure c/pox would have scared u off visiting me.loll how is hubby?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ( taking a bow )

@Ms emmotions
thanks dear. weekend was greaaaattttt and urs?

loll. that thing na wa? i just thought about a case of chicken pox 2 days b4 wedding? wetin person go do? God forbid bad thing.

im doing well and u?

no i've not forgotten shally's corner. but u've not updated in a while too. se all is well?

Andy said...

Wow,'s been ages since I have been here. Hope you are alrite?
The kids are so funny, tho' mischievous. But it's better that way, don't you think?

bighead said...

truly random post.

about your new job, is it in software?

sorry bout yur pox at least your nephew didnt pray for polio or AIDS.

Pink Lips said...

Sorry abt ur illness and the pox, apparently its smething everybody must have in their lifetime even tho lucky for those that had it when they were kids. Re the sir and ma issue, i once worked at a bank where my boss insisted on us calling her madam!!! She even use to send sme of us to the market!!!

La Reine said...

Aww, sorry about getting chicken pox :(

Glad you're happy with your new job though :)

princesa said...

So plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update girl!

Aphrodite said...

Congrats on the new job.
Lots of peopel r leaving the banks now.

Afrobabe said... finally u waited for me to dissapear then decided to update abi...

anyway glad to see you are better...

can't stop laughing at ur office people with all their ma and sir runs.....

Olamild said...

heheheheeh see wetin your niece go do o

Compliments of the season gurl

Jinta said...

how are you?

darkelcee said...

Yes its really been ages. How are you doing? Yes its better and "saner".

You are indeed big head..... how can u think of AIDS? lol yeye boy. how are you doing?

@Pink lips
Search me oh. that must have been 1st or union bank? lol

Thanks dear.

i just did.

When ridiculous target want to kill them. you get so much and no time to spend it? post for another day dear.

Where did you go too? and u just popped back in without explanation? bring ur bum.......make i spank u.

thanks dear and same to you. howdy?

Im good!

Anonymous said...

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