Tuesday, December 23, 2008


To God be the Glory

Great Things He has done.

Thanks for the e-spanking, e-slapping and e-abuse on my last post. I am now born again, i wont be mumuliscious going forward ( to borrow 30+'s english).

How are you guys doing? Any plans for the holiday?

Just a Quick one to Wish you Guys Merry Christmas and an Awesome New Year.

Note: The reason you are still alive to see today is because God has not finished with you yet. So relax he is on your case making things to work in your favour.

Just my thought

If your man, hubby, bf, fiance,boo, sweets ( insert your own adjective) searches/ investigates through the content of your bag, what does it mean?
Got to go. we have a christmas parri in the office..... but sleep dey worry me self.



Monday, December 15, 2008

I am just Plain Silly

In everything, we should give thanks. So Jehovah, i give you thanks for my life (despite this post) and for every blogger.

I don dey tire to always apologize for updating so late.... so i wont apologize ok? lol

I dont know who to share this with except my peeps here in blogville.
Please feel very free to reprimand me. Even if na beating, i will come over and take correct spanking!

I used to think i was a smart chic but sometimes i just feel i am plain silly ( let me use a mild adjective) this scene i am about to share is not a script in nolly, holly or bolly wood, it happened to moi!

When no be say i was jazzed? even Jazz suppose clear for my eye abi? but i can be very naive and stupid at times..... chei ( sticking my finger in my mouth shaking my legs and head in the normal yoruba woman style).

I deserve to be spanked really. anytime i think of this incident i feel stupid.....just plain stupid.Abi i no get big sense?

ok, What happened you will ask? A male friend (blogged about him last year )gave moi a lift on saturday. He said i never bothered to know his house blah blah, so i took the opportunity that day and followed him home.

See ehn, i trusted this dude cos na brother in Christ. He was on my case once but dropped it after i insisted that i was not into him. He had since introduced his girlfriend to me ( you get the drift of our relationship?)

So i followed him home sha and saw the basic medical intruments doctors have at home, a Sphig and a Stethoscope. The foolish girl that i was ( abi i am? loll) started fiddling with the Stethoscope trying to feel my pulse. (He had earlier helped with my blood pressure cos i told him i had a low one when i was ill. ) Sha, i couldnt locate any pulse and my foolish mouth will not gree to keep quiet, so i told him and he now said its loudest around the chest area.

Blogville, women dey get chest? (LMAO) I put it on my "chest" still didnt hear anything, so he said it is always loudest towards your armpit ( docs, is that true?) he said he will help me locate it and then i can hear it.

So "Doki" asked moi to lie down to get the pulse in my chest ( does this sound right? ) i reluctantly and stupidly laid down and he started touching my "chest" to locate pulse! By this time my eye don clear say i don enter. After like 5 sec ( which looked like 5 hours to me) he said he had located it and i should hear it on the Stethoscope. ( instrument that landed me into trouble in the first place)

With all alacrity and excitement i said i don hear am.........meanwhile i no hear nada! i stood up and said i was ready to go and he said;

"darkelcee, are you sure you heard your hearbeat(abi na pulse) ? "