Friday, February 13, 2009

1ST POST IN 2009.

hey peeps, how are you all doing?

Happy new year, even if it is coming in February abeg accept am like that. kiss kiss

My New Year motto has been this song done by David Cook (American Idol 7)

And I’ll taste every moment And live it out loud

I know this is the time, This is the time

To be more than a name Or a face in the crowd

I know this is the time

This is the time of my life Time of my life

We thank the Almighty father, the joy & strength Giver for HIS Grace over our lives.

He has counted us to be among the living. So I give him praise.

How are you all doing? Please drive safely and if that trip is not important, cancel it sharppish.

Just thought about sharing with you guys the things I never had and the things I have not done in all my years on earth. Relax with your bowl of groundnut plus fanta, enjoy.

- I never got a Christmas dress.... I don't know which planet my parents were from but I guess it must be Uranus because Christmas dress is not in their dictionary. While our neighbors wore their dresses around we just wear the old "fine" dress we had and I was down with it then and even till now I still don’t get or buy a Christmas dress.

-Still talking of Christmas, I never spent Christmas outside my home..............( I am not an ibo person except 2007 year, I didn’t go because I knew my mum will hound me on husband and marriage issue. So I decided to chill in Lagos. This year, I went home confidently (*wink*)

-I never had a younger one (i am a confirmed and certified last born)...... Sometimes I am happy about that but at times I wish I have just one. Someone to gist with you know and I want to pull my weight around and boss someone. Mumsy is old and my dad is late so there is no question of I might get one soon.
-I never had a pet........ All the dogs we had in my family while growing up were owned by my brothers.

-I have never used tampons before...... eeeeeewwwww! How will I insert it? Somebody please help this razzooo.

-I have never had friends exactly my age mate...... they are either older than me or younger than me. wetin dey happen? Is it that I sometimes act above or below my age? lol

-I have never done beyond 10mins in the bathroom. My motto…. Even Naman the leper didn’t spend so much time washing up his leprosy so why should I? The 10mins is enough to scrub off yesterday’s dirts now abi? And my body width and length ain’t that big too. Bathroom activity is strictly brushing and proper shower.

-I never went to a boarding school… Thank God my parents didn’t risk it, because if they had I might not be on talking terms with them now. Was doing Monday to Friday while I was in Polytechnic and I went from home while in University.

-I never had an Uncle….My Maternal Grandma had all girls and My Paternal Grandma had only a son (my Dad). So if you hear me mention an uncle, na lie oh prolly an Aristo. Lol.
-I have never fought before. I mean physical combat thingy. Did one with my brother and it was the first and last time I did.

Biko my people, I have a kolo boss with plenty scion-scoin. I need your prayers and help on how to deal with him. Example; he asked me to schedule a meeting for him ( I no be secretary oh) I sent the mail and called up the parties involved and behold Mr. scion scion come waka comot! I had to face those people myself, speak plenty English to beg and explain that a car killed his great-great grand parents and he had to leave the office. Advice me please

Finally my people……………………………………………….I am getting married!( gist for another post, i promise to give you the low down) But dilemma dey small. Hubby is from Ekiti State where they eat pounded yam as their Three Square meal. I don’t know how to pound nada and he said Ola- Ola is out of it, so I am looking for how to introduce him to this! (Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

Missed you guys plenty!