Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Tittle

To God be the glory for the great thing he has done.

He has decided to keep each of us alive against all odds. Thank you Jesus

I am in best of moods guess becos its almost weekend.......

This is gong to be the randomest post ever in the history of blogging.

Ok, its been a long while i know but i have been reading all your blogs and have left comments on a few. how are y'all doing?

I had cause to change my job again (long story for another day) i am actually out of banking , i now work in an ICT company and i am enjoying every bit of it. I am not an engineer oh , i just happen to be in the finance unit.This office na real waoh, here people call each other ma and sir and the new inductees sometimes attempt to kneel while greeting you. ewwwwwwww. (in an official environment) next thing now na iya and baba lagbaja we go dey call ourselves.

Na me go change all that. If you need sir and ma tittle consult your family members. abi now?lol

Like 3 weeks ago i got very sick and for the first time since i was born in the hospital, i slept in the hospital again. it was a terrible experience. i was admitted for acute malaria and very low blood pressure.......Quoting a friend who said "darkelcee this your low blood pressure means you are now hyper-relaxed" (yeye girl). Please how do peeps manage with needle and syringe without crying? The fear alone aided my getting well on time. I left the hospital with chicken pox ( you will say at my age and size abi?) i always thought chicken pox was "designed" for toddlers and children but Yours Truly caught the pox!

Pox Story

My nephew came home early october with the story of a classmate of his who was quarantined for pox, i remembered asking him if he played with him and he was like no way. Three days later he had chicken pox. If only i had moved out, maybe i would have been saved from been miss spoty elcee. My niece was rushed to the hospital for the immunization but guess what? the chicken pox broke out exactly where she got the injection.( na fake immunization dem give am?) When she got it, we all got afraid, because she can be very lousy when she is ill. She started with running after moi with the intention rubbing her body on mine so that i can catch the thing then graduated into saying stuffs like "aunty elcee, you will catch chicken pox in Jesus name" Just imagine the rat!

Her prayers got answered somewhat and i got it, but you know the proverb in Yoruba that Na God dey help chase flies for a tail-less cow, the spots are not so obvious because i am dark!

I am so greatful to God for this my skin colour oh. Chei, you needed to see my nephew when he had his.lolllll

Talking about kids, and kids saying the damndest thing; i was on the phone the other day with my ex and my niece has the habit of wanting to be on talking terms with all my friends.( 4 year old oh who is her set?). she picked the phone and went like "hello uncle.....( mentioning the name of my Fiance). I couldnt stop laughing but my ex didn't find it funny, infact he promised never to call me again then ended the call. Which kain pikin be this? What if i was trying to double date na so she go blow my cover? Well for consolation, she promised to go with me when i marry eventually, abeg which kain loyalty be that? am i her mother?

Thanks for the comment on my last post you guys rock!

I will be back with a proper post soon.

Thoughts in my head.....Why do i have to learn how to drive when i was never taught how to breathe ?