Thursday, January 07, 2010


Happy new year to all my peeps on blogville

i never imagined it will take me this long to update. hope you guys are doing well?

Ok quick gist before i go, God gave me a bouncing baby girl on 24th December around 5.45am and her weight was 3.34kg

All i can say is that natural delivery is soo sweet cos i just strolled into the labour room sleept from 23rd morning till 24th morning and i woke up only to meet the baby all dressed in a cot beside me! ( to borrow FFF's my dreams it was much easier) Na lie oh it wasnt easy but it was worth it. Hubby was there all through and you need to see how he treats his queen and princess now. hehehe i must born again. lol

i will soon update on motherhood gist but one thing my mum told me i have lost forever is my SLEEP. Told my daughter today that the way she is suckling and latching on me for milk is hard and that she will soon have her baby and see how it is. my mum could not stop laughing imagine telling a 2weeks old that? when will she deliver?

wishing everyone an eventful 2010. In our pathway there is life