Monday, August 20, 2007

Mid-Life Crisis

hey wassup?
Sorry i've been away for a while . I have been awfully busy. se e binu si mi?
i feel very tired, little things irritates me and have this headache hitting me hard for over a week now. is it possible for me to be experiencing mid-life crisis when i am just 28? what is wrong with yours truly? (its definately not that disease wey dey your head) and i no get belle. well maybe my case na "half or one-third mid life crisis", na kolo (God forbid evil thing) or maybe na rest i need, unfortunately no vacation for moi till next year. big brother no go gree.

remembering the good old days when i still be "ayange", once we get party for my high school then , na yours truly dey always open floor. infact i could do "running man" dance step far better than Bobby Brown himself ( i swear!) before you say jack smith, as the spirit leads me , i don enter floor dey roll like winch wey wan manifest or "jog" as if maria mutola wan run for olympics . can u imagine that now i no fit shake my waist for party again? na only 'taka-sufe'(taps & whistle) and sing along i fit do now.
i miss you baby .143 darln

Thursday, August 16, 2007

These "boys" self

let me share a conversation i had online with a "boy". he had earlier invited yours truly out on a date & i have been posting him, Enjoy ;
boy: meanwhile, are u gonna be free this wknd?
yours truly: eya! nope, have a birthday party on sat & will see my bf (my heartbeat) on sun.
boy: lol , wot is that ? u can see him on sunday & still hook up with me i m sure he knws u have friends.besides a bf may not be the end of it(see im mouth, bf is definately the end of everything now)
yours truly: u know i will go to church & get back a bit late .so i will not be free to see u
boy: stop this bf drama make it for 3pm $ leave at 5pm (craze material,commanding me on top asking me for a date. what is this world turning too self?)
yours truly: sorry it is not this weekend (getting angry...... what's up with this boy?na by force i go chop lunch .these boys self , dem don tire me! )

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


you know d way getting a new pair of shoe will make you want to wear am before you sleep? (yours truly actually wear her new shoes to sleep incase armed robbers go come thief am b4 morning.....laughs!!!!) na so this blog thing dey do me. did i hear u say local chic? indeed u are very correct.

there is this story i heard today about "he goat ,ewure or ewu soup" that i can't help but to share with you. if i want to cook goat meat soup is it not for me to buy the goat meat and put am inside stew( i sabi cook well well o) but this family go wash he-goat face inside water and use the water to cook the soup. dem talk say that kind soup is more tasty than cooking with goat meat (see me see wahala )

You don chop that kind goat soup before?

blog later guys, big brother is watching.( tell u more about big brother soon.)

local chic

i wonder what i am doing in lagos when i am as local as this. I tried to post something now and it went to my draft(i did not ask the system to save it ooo i swear) how i go get am back. help yours truly(aka local chic)


hello all ,
i am rather new to blogging and it's realy cool .lets just say i am ME and u can call me Elcee. Yours truly is an "exin-trovert"(i am sure nobody can understand that engrish lol!!..... combines both introvert and extrovert together). as we get along better you will get to know me.