Monday, August 20, 2007

Mid-Life Crisis

hey wassup?
Sorry i've been away for a while . I have been awfully busy. se e binu si mi?
i feel very tired, little things irritates me and have this headache hitting me hard for over a week now. is it possible for me to be experiencing mid-life crisis when i am just 28? what is wrong with yours truly? (its definately not that disease wey dey your head) and i no get belle. well maybe my case na "half or one-third mid life crisis", na kolo (God forbid evil thing) or maybe na rest i need, unfortunately no vacation for moi till next year. big brother no go gree.

remembering the good old days when i still be "ayange", once we get party for my high school then , na yours truly dey always open floor. infact i could do "running man" dance step far better than Bobby Brown himself ( i swear!) before you say jack smith, as the spirit leads me , i don enter floor dey roll like winch wey wan manifest or "jog" as if maria mutola wan run for olympics . can u imagine that now i no fit shake my waist for party again? na only 'taka-sufe'(taps & whistle) and sing along i fit do now.
i miss you baby .143 darln