Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday Afternoon in Lasgidi

Hi all

Thank God for his mercies, we have seen another day hale and hearty

Please join me and shout 24 halleluyah!!!!!(as today is 24th now)

Ok thanks for the love you peeps have shown me because without your comments this blog will be boring (don’t be afraid I aint leaving blogville)

This is going all out to my Lagos peeps……………

Brighten up your Sunday Afternoon @ Terra Kulture in June and July as the Nobel Laureate’s (
Wole Soyinka) plays is being staged there.

Tagged Theatre@Terra .Wait a minute, dem no pay me kobo/cent/penny for this advert , but I thoroughly enjoyed my self on Sunday and needed to share it.

It was my 1st time of seeing a staged play (actually my very good friend invited me ….thank God he did) and I am planning on going there till the season is over.

Excerpts from one of the Plays “
Trials of Brother Jero”

- While holding a service at the beach, Bro Jero went into trance and started screaming …

“Baba Jami si” lollllllllllllllll ( God reveal everything to me - "Jasi" is a slang, not a regular Yoruba word!)

Later he asked the congregation to dance to Beenie man’s song…..

Hey move to the left in the name of Jesus (repeat) Move to the right in the name of the lord (repeat) Could I see you just shake that bootie that Jesus gave you (repeat) Shake that bootie in the name of lord (repeat) “ While checking up the female church members’ bootie! (Imagine a pastor leading his congregation to shake that bootie in the name of the Lord!)

Pleaseeeee blogville, take time to go and watch these staged plays and its just N2000…It’s a value for your money.

Where is
Laspapi? He must pay me for this unsolicited advert , COT now abi?

And for my peeps that are not in naija presently ….i will try and record a “pirated” copy for u (hope u wont mind the background laughs, giggles and coughs)

I am doing well with my shoes!



Free-flowing Florida said...

first first first!

dis new blogroll thing get plenty uses o

Free-flowing Florida said...

i've never seen a stage play b4, but maybe wen i fianlly do move 2 lagos (God, pls don't answer dis answer), i shall do more of dat.

imagine, beenie man n trials of bro jero! must have cracked ur guys up bit time!

30+ said...

Lmao, baba ja mi si.

Omo send am quick

Aijay said...

Sounds exciting...will be waiting for the pirated copy. Don't disappoint me oh... lol

Afrobabe said...

Mennnn...why my own blogroll thing no dey work...will need to ask FFF...because all this her firsting up and down don dey annoy me...thats my spot!!!

Afrobabe said...

Lol…I read Trails of brother Jero long long ago while still in secondary school and still remember the story…should be a lovely funny play…I am awaiting the pirated copy oh…

Glad to see ur shoes are getting used to you!!!

tobenna said...

Stage plays.
I miss 'em.
Used to go to a lot of them in my university days.
Gone to one at the terra too. Really nice.
Wish I was in lasgidi :)

Lola said...

will keep that in mind dark LC, thanx for the info. time nko?

read trials of brother Jero yonks ago! hilariousity!

darkelcee said...

please come to lagos.u will enjoy it especially the heavy traffic!

i'll try. hope they wont send me packing sha?

i wont dear with God's help and director's consent.

its working like magic,i will make sure i get it. if my china peeps can do it then i can!

u can come around now how isour blushing bride?

3pm. but u can come early and go buy them artworks from 45k to 1.5M.
abeg where is ur blog?

Tairebabs said...

Ok you have convinced me to go and see it. Heard so much ads on the radio about it. Will let you know what I think. Hope it's funny o.

laspapi said...

darkelcee, why didn't you stop to say hello? You just walked by me?

As for you and the other professional pirates here like Afrobabe, 30+ and Aijay who want the bootlegged copy, I know who to send after you. We'll sieze your computers etc and search for pirated software too :P

princesa said...

Great! I have been to one of laspapi's plays and i loved them.

Is it showing this sunday? We should hook up ther abi wetin u feel? E-mail me.

Queen of My Castle said...

I am seriously pouting now because I am NOT in Naija! You guys will be tired of seeing my face there if/when I open my boutiques there, though. LOL

Afrobabe said...

lol..Laspapi no vex but cant watch it from here now....and I gots to see it...Promise to come see a live show when I am in naija..

Jinta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jinta said...

i go to Terra 3 sundays running, you did not show. i return to my yard and you go the following sunday? is this becos you didn't want to lend me your lappie?

Jaycee said...

Terra Kulture...the ache I've been having to go to this place is not a funny one...lolll...I honestly can't wait.

I'm am saying the 24 haleluyahs with u (without really opening my lips)...lolll...(I guess they would be 26 now).

Thanks for checking up on me...Mwahhhh!!! :)

ablackjamesbond said...

*Facing northwards*

*Facing southwards*

*Facing westwards*

Facing eastwards*


Ogo! Ogo! Ogo! Hosannah! Hosannah!! Hosannah!!!

There u have it...24 hallelujahs with some jara as well.


Buttercup said...

lol...i havent seen a stage play ever...i'll be expectin the pirated version!

LG said...

babes, thanks for info
i jus might check it out.

how wrk?

Charizard said... this a remix of Trials of brother jero? cuz I dont remember the original having all these elements u mentioned but was equally as hilarious...

Vera Ezimora said...

Never seen a stage play. Hoping to see one of Tyler Perry's shows soon. I hope.

Woomie O! said...

Well, I guess it's just you and I that have seen June Season's Theatre @ Terra. I LOOOOVVEEDD IT. And I paid just 1500 with my Student ID...(u shoulda said that).
Nice blog BTW.
Laspapi is a wizard...he can identify all the bloggers o ... seriously.
He just looked at me and was like, 'are you woomie?'...of course I denied it...but he knows anyway.
Will be there on sunday...doing some guess work.
Baba Ja Mi

Sherri said...

lol@ black007
i 'll do the hossana meta!
can't wait to see the piracy wonder o

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Gosh how I wish Laspapi would have a play in Abuja this christmas, so I can finally get to see one!

BlogVille Idol said...

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darkelcee said...

hope u enjoyed urself?

I was shyyyyyy!!!!! lawlllll

i couldnt make it yesterday i think i am falling ill or somin.....where is my mummmy?

Thick Madame!

no mind him jare

I am sure Laspapi can organize somin for u once u are around. how is everything?

@Jinta babie
didnt know u were in my lagos! lollll

u don go white garment church before? loll

Laspapi don dey threaten me.

work is crazy! loll

its a merix actually

its actually very nice. maybe na old age sha but i enjoyed it thoroughly.loll

@Woomie o
i need to go look for my student id sharppish. who doesnt like sales clearance?

please talk to laspapi to allow ur girlfriend now

We can work somin out. laspapi can i be ur manager? lolll

Anonymous said...

Have you read mirages blog?

there is a scandal btw she and TLK pls spread the word peace

Mommy said...

Trials of brother Jero...This is the only reason why I'd wish I were in Lagos.

Kush said...

It seems as if there is more stuff of an artistic bent coming from Naij nowadays...

Vera Ezimora said...

Babe, what's up now? Me I don update oh, so you berra update toO!

Adekunle Shobowale said...

Saw the last season of Soyinka and it was awesome.
I met Chimamnda and she was looking very alright. *Phew* Now why didn't i tell her that?

Sasuke said...

LMAO @ baba Ja mi si' na wa oh which kind ja mi si be dat? i am sure you had a blast dear and from your write up i am sure the drama is worth the pricing. anyways about doing pirated copy. na alaba police go come arrest you becos i go ja won si the fact that you want to take over their market.

Allied said...

lol @007. Bur seriously, all these plays going on in Nigeria,

OGA - ekan fi la wa loju ni

Tears said...

wait...first of all TG you NOT leaving blogville...second can't wait for the pirated copy, sounds like lot fun!!
and was wondering if ya vote for me even if i'ld suck :D

Anonymous said...

ablackjamesbond enough said...I'm feeling that.

Though I am not from Lagos...I am a sole mind generated from that population. Repn 9ja

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

vote lighty tomorrow. blogville idol.

BlogVille Idol said...


Writefreak said...

i love stage plays, thanks for the prolly go see one with hubby...

And good news bout your shoes, don't go and fall and break your teeth o! lol

Anonymous said...

Afrobabe said...

Hey madam, an update required!!!

30+ said...

Where you dey na?

We no even see your breaklights

Pink Lips said...

Girl u r too funny, i only have one question, is the food at terra kulture still nice, abi you didn't eat????

Vera Ezimora said...

Babe, u never update still? Ah, ah, why now????? LOL

Anonymous said...

One of my friends already told me about this place and I do not regret that I found this article.