Monday, November 12, 2007

Children of Now-a-days!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attached is one of my favorite stress reliever. Hope you will like it. CAN'T JUST DELETE IT FROM MY MAIL BOX.(i am getting naughtier each
This is a serious issue ooo!

I was gisting with my niece and nephew today and I heard the BIG one.

Background check: my niece came home with a gift bag from school, her classmate was celebrating his birthday blah blah , I sha rummaged thru the bag and discovered a lot of things so I wondered aloud who the celebrant was and how the parents must have been very rich to provide all those stuffs.

Sha, the following discussion ensued:

Nephew (6 years Old): The celebrant is A and he is my sister’s husband.

Yours truly: (surprised look with mouth wide open)

Niece (3 years old): giggling (as if she was offered a chewing gum cos that’s her favorite)…Naahhhhh

Nephew: Yes or is A not your husband again?

Niece: No…ehmmm… Yes …. (Smiling )

By this time I couldn’t help myself again but I needed to pretend so that I can hear more gists.

Nephew: You remember the day she did not go to school? A came to my class to ask after her (A da bloke too is 3 years old…. E gbami lowo awon omo yii !).

Nephew: they come to Club meetings together (Red Cross)

Yours Truly: silently cursing their teacher for not putting A in Boys Scout and my niece in Brownie)

All the while this conversation was on, my niece was smiling sheepishly covering her eyes with her hands obviously getting embarrassed.

Niece: My mummy said I will do my birthday again this November,(she was born in April) and I told A I will give him plenty gift.

Yours Truly: Can it be that A packed my neice’s gift bag special for her? (I am really getting agitated)

Nephew: hmmmm, Mummy says your birthday is once a year and you celebrated it sometimes back

Niece: A says I should do Barbie cake again!

And she bounced off.

I sat down for a few minutes trying to get myself together. Men! what is this world turning into? At age 3 I knew nada! My knowledge and awareness of that was level -5 not even 0. I probably still bed wet!

Infact, if a boy writes us love letter then (I grew up in the letter-writing era….lol) we will read with our friends then the bold ones amongst us copy it on the board for the others to digest and enjoy.

Where are these kids getting these guts and boldness (which some of us could not exhibit till we got to college) from? Men I don old no be small thing ….lol!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My nephew wanted to show his mum how good his French was;

Nephew: Mummy, Mummy I can greet you in French (excitedly)

Mummy: Ok, please do

Nephew: Johnbull Mademoiselle!(with courtesy and all seriousness)

I started laughing so hard (with tears in my eyes) cos I knew that was a goof. He started crying, guess he was embarrassed. Sha gathered my self together and corrected him (Bonjour Mademoiselle).

Wetin I no go see with these children?


Had a poll up on my blog sometimes ago, I needed to find out if I was normal or not. Yours truly, gbadun talking on the phone more than meeting people one on one. It is something that is just part of me. I sometimes initiates meeting but I always end up feeling awkward most of the time though. Am I ok?

Someone complained about it and then I wanted to find out if it was only me and thanks to all my peeps who voted… now I know I am not alone.



bimbylads said...

lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll@ Johnbull Madamosielle. What a rocker!! lol....

u prefer talking on phones? have u been scared by blind dates in d past?

30+ said...

Agbaya that you are ehn laughing at your nephew like that. LMAO Johnbull mademoiselle.

You made me remeber when I was young "we did a wedding for my brother" gown and all (long story). LOL, oh my dayz.

Allied said...

lol.. Johnbull. I cant belieev you made fun of him. He is 6 jare.

I feel the babies of this day and age are so different. I remember when i was younger 5 or 6, when we visit family with new born babies, their eyes are always closed, maybe for a months or so, but here, All these american babies are born with their eyes wide open.

darkelcee said...

@Bimby, my mouth is extra sharp but i no dey get liver. lol

blind dates ke? na yams?

@30+..... summarise the story now no mind me sha na agbaya i be true true.

@allied.... babies don dey open eye for inside belle now and its not only abroad its is everywhere. this is the Jet Age you know! lol


Afrobabe said...

loving ur blog...

The kids lol. Its all a matter of how you see things. They are seeing it with innocent eyes and you are seeing it with eyes that have seen all...
Their innocence is so refreshing.


that cartoon!!!lmao! reminds me of bomboy who refused to come to me after relaxing on my friend's big chest! lol!

Your niece and nephew, na wa oh...
Love wantintin. Abeg, allow them jo...

bighead said...

Mehhnn. A 3 year old is already married and I haven't even got a girlfriend wah o! By the time I'm old, we the parents would be betrothing (how do yu spell that?) them out from the womb.

darkelcee said...

@Afrobabe...are you sure they are innocent? hmmm i doubt it cos if they are it means i am too. how come they aren't having the conversation with their mum? lol!

@Solomonsydelle.... i no blame the boy o jare.. who no like berra things?

@Bighead.... well she is not married like that just "engaged" lol. l(et her mum catch the two of us). what happened to you? no girlfriend? hmmm see me in

30+ said...

oya I tag you on thankfulness

Tayo said...

Age 3? At age 3, I was in nursery, not even primary. I can't recollect nada about back then, I think my earliest memories were age 5. Children of nowadays mature fast. Those just entering teens know much more than we knew at that age, but again, our parents probably said the same things about us.
So you prefer talking on phones? That's OK by me as long as na you make the call, and no be me.. lol
Thanks for dropping by my blog

Writefreak said...

Now...what kinda joke is that? Lol...the picture with the breastfeeding women cracked me up.
Children are more 'open eyes' these days, maybe because there's internet, the Tvs are on longer, the commercials are getting more etc etc..
Tell me you didn't watch black and white TV as a kid?

darkelcee said...

@30+..... no sweat i am all ready

@Tayo....i can't remember anything for age 3 too. Teenagers, that's another story for another day.Well i call people very well and my peeps can attest to dat, so, no worry i will call u!
@writefreak.....balck and white tv! we had plenty in my house. infact we had one that was in a box abi na!

thanks for dropping by


Allied said...

I just tagged you, please visit my blog for details :-)

Afrobabe said...

lol...they r innocent jare, didnt u play house?,,

I was always the mother as i liked beating and ordering the rest around and I had a husband too...

Jaycee said...

all these children of

darkelcee said...

@allied.... thanks for tagging me i have replied o.

@afrobabe.. i did oo i was mummy or aunty sometimes and we use to cook self (lol!) hmmm u had husband ..... you are ok o (lol!)

@jaycee... abi? lol

thanks all enjoy

Pink Lips said...

LMAO, the cartoon was crazy and as for your nephew and neice, they are just hilarious. If anyone had even used the term husband or boyfriend near me when i was that age i would have cried for days.

Nice one, hope to see more posts soon.

unshined congo said...

hmmm. this is some serious stuff oh. my 6yr old cousin has kissed a boy (not peck on the lips but real kiss). when her elder brother was telling me, she was laughing as if she had just accomplished something. children of nowadays. lol

darkelcee said...

@pink, You remember how someone will be linked to you and you will cry so hard ....what were we thinking then? lol!

@unshined congo ...Lol ar your cousin. do we call him sharp chic?

darkelcee said...



Olamild said...


u r mean o

wemi said...


i remember when i was in Nigeria i had my crush, but i dare not tell him anything lol. I CANT WAIT TO COME TO NIGERIA AND SEE THEM.

darkelcee said...

@wemi......start confession now! who was the boy u had crush on? You were just around 9 yrs old them.OMG!

Hope u are reading and exams cool?