Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OnE bAg FuLl................

“Hello hello, holla
Hello hello holla
You can say it once
You can say it again
It’s as easy to learn as counting to ten
Hello hello, holla”
With love from Barney (lol)”

Practical bags, handbags, classic/trendy bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags all of them are bugging me.

Help me blogville, I don’t know how to manage the content of my hand bag. A bigger bag to me means an increased opportunity for more clutter! I actually envy women hat carry smaller bags.

My hand bag is like a mini room. (Of course no fan or teevee or bed lolllll.) I have an issue with what should be the content of a bag. I carry my utility hand-bag only for like 10minutes a day from the house to the car, car to the office then the reverse on my way home at night. But 10minutes have been helping to tone my muscles in fact the muscle toning is gradually degenerating to aches and pain and my muscles are coming out. For a chic? lollllll

I have always been a fan of a big bag. And a big bag actually saved me on the day I was robbed, the thief could only get a phone (had 3 phones on that day) the other 2 and my wallet were relaxing in the bag with other silly items. Thank God!

Whenever I change my bag, I empty the content from one to another. I have bought 2 petite casual bags but I have not been bold enough to use either of them as I am always confused as to how I can squeeze all my “load” into those tiny things.

I carry the biggest and heaviest bag in my office. Each of my bags can pass for an overnight attaché case!

With the popular saying that you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her handbag got me thinking that I’m prolly not organized!

I was going home the other night and my phone rang. I started searching my bag but ended up missing the call because I couldn’t locate the phone. I got home then decided to do a review of the bag/utility box content with your help of course!

Here it goes ........

1- My plain Jane
2- My old faithful starcoms phone (it’s a nokia too, loll)
3- My Compact disc player
4-2 extra *AA* batteries for CDP
5-2 CDs (I change it weekly but currently it’s a prayer for you by Pastor Chris and High Praise)
6-My Micro USB flash drive
7- A book (currently reading The Rules of Life by Richard Templar)
8- Writing pad
9- Face Powder (125g)
10- Body Gloss (hardly use it but can’t just get it out of my bag).
11- Perfume & Body spray (after using it in the morning please what else am I using it for?)
12-Cosmetics bag
13- Wallet for my ATM cards & Identification cards (those accounts have 0 balances in them.lollll)
14- Wallet –for my money
15- Mini diary (I haven’t used a single page since January!)
16- My cheque book holder with 3 cheque booklets sleeping there (am I ok? lolll)
17- A pack of pocket tissue
18-Hair brush and comb
19-Hand Cream
20- 6 different types of biros (and I always complain that I have no pen as customer mostly go away with my pen.)
21- A cassette by Pastor Funmi Augusto (…. Don’t even have a mini cassette player yet to listen to it)
22- Ruler (somebody please slap me, what the heck am I using a ruler for?)
23-21 passport photographs (17 of which are mine and the remaining for friends and family)

Peeps, I need your help.

What should be in a lady’s bag?
What goes and what stays in my bag? (pleaseeeeeeeeeee advice)
How does the male specie cope without a handbag?

I promise to abide by all your suggestion.( cross my
Love you guys loads!


Jinta said...

can i come in your bag? oops. i mean, come into your bag? will you put me into your bag? no matter how i say it, it doesn't sound right

Olamild said...


and I thought I was crazy hahaha

darkelcee said...

lolllll. I need advice on how to reduce the content you still want to join the pack? leave me oh.

so we are together in this? i think we need help.

Jaycee said...

LOLLLL. What shd be in a handbag? Answer: Only those things that are sufficient for THAT day. Basically, eliminate things that you carried yesterday that you don't need today.

Always needed: Wallet (money), make-up (I carry my make-up in one smaller bag, so it shd count as one item), one pen (lol), part of the tissue(not an entire pack of tissue), Hairbrush (u don't need the comb...u already combed ur hair before leaving the house), a novel!

Those are the sufficient things: now, you probably don't need a notepad/mini-diary when u're going out on a date or to have fun (eliminate); Put all your cards and money in ONE wallet; Eliminate the perfume and body spray (I only carry hand lotion in case I need to wash my hands); Leave the CDs and Tapes in your car and not your handbag; You prob don't need ur CD player all the time...choose what days u need it.

That being said, I'm also advising myself cos I have the same issues....Hehehehehehe! Muhaha! :)

darkelcee said...

will have to print that out work on it.i dont have a car so i still need to go with my CD player.
thanks love

Free-flowing Florida said...

ok, u need therapy!

wetin! ha!

i was screaming going 2ru ur list. wen i started, it tot it was d normal women wahala, but kai babes ur own pass o. pele, wot else can i say

Free-flowing Florida said...

maybe u should start with a small bag. put only d STRICTLY NECESSARY, like ur phones, ur wallet, ur writting pad, mayb 1 pen or 2, pocket tissue, hand cream (if it's small sized) & maybe a comb. all others, discard!!!!! or leave dem n ur drawer of ur office, for those just n case days

Nyemoni said...

LOL...YOU KNOW WHAT? Just go without all the junk (oops!- There, I said it) for one day...the things you miss that day are the things you should be totting me, it worked for me!

LG said...

@...My hand bag is like a mini room,
Babe my own na 2 bedroom flat,lol!!!
chei, so who go help who na?
anyway am wit jaycee sha, oya make i go start my own clean-up, lol!!!

*norrin do u jare*

darkelcee said...

k dear i don hear you.thanks

that makes a load of sense you know. will try it tmw

maybe i need to copy comments across to you. to help us both.lolll

30+ said...

Arabirin 21 passport photograph, what business so you do again.

Get rid of the cassette
Get rid of the body gloss
Return people's passport photographs before we start suspecting you.
Get rid of the diary and write the stuff in your notebook or vice versa.
Get rid of the ruler

darkelcee said...


rofl. i am arabirin indeed.i am not a 419. i always keep passport in my bag. you dont know when you will need tham.

just did all u adviced minus passport sha.lolllll

fantasy queen said...

i once had a frosties cereal in my bag...i mean really?

small bags are a nightmare, but i try.

i am in no position to give your bag a makeover.

goodluck and share the tips u get with me aight

Simi Speaks said...

ok, lemme look at my own bag.

- 2 books
-hand lotion
-lip gloss
-face powder (never use but just in case!)
-3 hair clips (but why?)
-my wallet (money,cards,receipts of things i hope to return but never do, etc)


how u dey, sis?!

soupasexy said...

ok lemme tell u what shd be in a bag..girl, pls dont carry all those unnecesary stuff..the bag no dey heavy u?
-ur wallet, with ur id,bank cards and mnoney in it
-a lil make up bag that shd have ur lipgloss and powder when ur face is oily
-lil bottle of nice smelling hand lotion, that way u dont need the perfume..u dig
-cellphone, 1 or 2..that u are currently using
-1 or 2 pen and a (lil) notepad
-book, if u r gonna be bored wherever u r going to

leave the rest at home, u hear me this girl..i'll make sure to inspect ur bag next time i c
this post was funny, girl u be comedian? cracking me up

Rinsola said...

U need to see me laffing when i read u had a ruller in your bag. I think u need to stop with the big bags and start with the small petite ones, that would limit u to lipgloss, powder and ur wallet, i'm sure ther would be a little space for a sanitary towel and gum (lol) How u dey miss lady

darkelcee said...

@fantasy Queen
Alrite buddy will holla u.lollll

@Simi Speaks
You are not my match. my bag is bigger than urs.lollll I'm cool and you?

e dey heavy me abeg.
ok noted dear.comedian ke? no way.

oh forgot to add sanitary towels and somedays P****.lolllllll
i will start tmw by bringing my small bag. lets c how it goes. I'm good and you?

Afrobabe said...

16 passport photograghs....ruler...cassette...5 diary...all need to be chunked away...haba madam...

ablackjamesbond said...

lmao @My hand bag is like a mini room

princesa said...

I also love big bags and used to carry lots of unnecessary stuff around too until recently.
Now i only carry:
My Complmentary cards holder
My make up kit
My purse(which has my ATM cards and other cards including my money)
My pens(two of them)
My hair brush
My Phone
Ear phone
Face powder.

It still looks like much but now my bag is less cluttered and lighter.

Sherri said...

Upgrade to an ipod and quit logging cd players and cds around joh!

i carry a big bags too o but i travel lite.

the trick is to dejunk regularly,
if u haven't used it in a week, chuck it.

Mommy said...

So I had girls nite out last nite with my friends. One of them carried this giant bag, I called it a travelling bag and asked her where she was travelling to. Its a regular bag she says. This is very much in fashion these days. When I open the bag to see its content, my final and unchangeable conclusion was that it is a travelling bag.(Kpom). Why do we give ourselves so much stress. My sweet bag looks like a post man's know the one you strap across your shoulder..I just love it. So madam abeg talk true. I know you would never get rid of that body gloss or perfume...who you kidding? ;) Go get a smaller bag...the day you forget to stuff in your phones or wallet in it, is the day you'll get rid of all those nonsense(s). (lol)...
What do you need a ruler for abeg? *Shaking head*

ibiluv said...

get rid of cd player-listen to stuff on ur system@work or in ur car

get rid off body gloss

brush/comb in bag ONLY if u have weave on,if u have braids on.....wetin u dey brish/comb???

cheque books can stay at home
thats what the atm cards are for

leave ruler in ur drawer at work

leave 4biros in ur drawer,2in ur bag

leave casseete at home

hand cream&tissue stay in ur bag

leave diary on ur bed side table -what does the calendar on ur fone do????

both wallets & cosmestics bag can stay in ur bag

perfume&body spray stays at home
but if u have a small bottle like a samople it can stay in ur bag

face powder/writing pad/book can stay in ur bag

flash drive stays in bag

fones stay

darkelcee said...

Sorry dear, i'm learning.

No advice for ur sis?

That makes the bag less cluttered really, thanks

About to get one, it makes a load of sense and also more space in my bag.Will chuk it/them on fridays.lolll

Post man's bag? lovely description.lolllll . I wanted to risk a smaller bag to work today, but i couldnt risk it.lollll
howdy?Tbaby nko?

darkelcee said...

Good advice. My bag is actaully lighter. all cheques are gone. phew!!!!!lolll
Nice Weekend

Tears said...

LOL! lovely post...i got no adivce coz am one of the light travlers....:(

Naija Chickito said...

what an interesting topic
i was getting to that point but had to repent after an embarrassing episode. so I'd go with Nyemoni's advice. i believe it will are already half way to your deliverance... receive!!!

s.chic said...

i want to believe my bag is not as big as your's, yet i'm constantly looking for something in it... that phone thing always gets me sef i'm learning from these

Uzo said...

Oooooooooooh bags...Divine...

Uzo said...

Oooooooooooh bags...Divine...

Charizard said...

carry everything joo...u never know when u will need it...

I swear I dunno how we guys cope witout a handbag...maybe its cuz we have y'all ladies to carry it all for

Anonymous said...

i need help too...i love big bags..right now my bag is beside me and i have two not one o two pairs of shoe in my bag....mascara,2 hairbrush,needle and thread,habd sanitizer,lotion,lipstick,lipgloss,eyeshadow,wallet,tampons,ipod,phone,bunch of keys,pashmina scarf,liquid eyelinernasal drop,two nail polish,bacterial wipe,tissue,3 packs of plastic fork,spoon and knives...........remain small u will find a two month old baby in the bag sef!!!HElp!!

aloted said...

hehehe...looks like i am the only girl alive that carries a small handbag...can't stand big bags...i usually only carry wat i need for the outing

maybe i'll start carrying big bags when i have a child..THEN i'll have stuff to carry

all the best wit this bag wahala o...just be like me..carry small bags;)

Tayo said...

Kai, na wa o! Your bag contains all those thing? That one don pass hand bag o. That one na Traveling Bag!!!

darkelcee said...

so how do you manage the "travelling light thingy"?.

By fire......lolll

so its a general thing?loll i'm learning to my dear.

No stress with yours?loll

hmmmm, maybe

2 pairs of shoes, forks, knives and spoon? *coughs* do u have a table and chair in there too? lollll

i really want to dear. i want to.

leave me, after u ran from blogville? Hope you are back for real.

OluwaDee said...

Wow, u have a lot in ur bag.
I hardly carry big bags. In my bag you find.
my purse - wallet
wallet 4 my atms
jotter/diary; i only carry 1
packet of chewing gum
1 pen 1 pencil
USB stick.
compact powder and lip gloss
pack of tissue.

have a lvli week.

Mommy said...

It has come to my notice that you simply enjoy visiting blogs and posting comments without updating your blog. The next time you are caught gallivanting around other updated blogs, you would be fined. ;0)

Smaragd said...

am in stitches here!lol

okay, i'm not the right person to help, so just listen to the others who can. i have only just learnt the art of changing bags!

i would carry only one black bag till it's wrecked! now that i have different colours, each bag has its own set of junk!lol

but change the cd player for an ipod abeg
that's what i have and it reduces junk!

Sha said...

na wa oh

NikkiSab said...

lets see
1. makeup bag
2. choose a small perfume 1 bottle
3. 1 wallet shd carry cash and atm
4. Hairbrush/comb
5. Hand cream
6. Discman with 1CD(Make a mix on 1 cd)
7. Av 1 sheet of d 3 cheque books and drop d bulk @ home.
8. face powder shd enta make up bag
9. Pocket tissue
10. passport fotos n 3 biros

I tink dat should do lady!!! Goodluck as u attempt d UNDONE!!! cos ladies and sis has needle and threads, sunglasses, prayer book n bible, scarf,hair ruffle, safety pins.I call her 'EVER READY'.lol!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Bag Lady, u ever heard Erykah Badu's Bag Lady, One day all them all them bag will get in ur way. I wonder why lady's hand bags have gone bigger with every fashion year

tobenna said...

Honestly, I dont know how you all do it. Carry a sac, sorry, big bag?
And then stuff it with stuff you really dont need?
I tell you, women and men are entirely different beings.

La Reine said...

Um, in my bag...
Two books
Pocket Bible
Pad of paper
Old diary
3 Pens
Bottle of water
Can of Pringles
Assorted cards- ATM, Ids
.....I suppose I can't be of any help, lol.

Good luck!

Allied said...

Get rid of

2 CDs
Writing Pad
Body Spray
Body Gloss
Mini Diary
2 check booklets
Hair Brush
5 pens
A cassette
19 Passport...

Now you bag will contain
Your 3 phones ( why do u need that much)

Flash drive - you never know

A book - very necessary

Face powder- Why is this not in your cosmetics bag?

Perfume - just incase

Wallet - consolidated both

One cheque book - do u have to write cheques. if not get rid of it

Pocket tissue
hand cream
just 2 passport

darkelcee said...

my bag is actually lighter now and every one including me is happy

i reserve my comment. pepperish mommy.lollll

doing just dat.was doing that before but i got "born again" a while back

na real wa. Howdy?

i have safety-pins too. missed that out of my list

yep, i think lazziness contributed to lazy to get stuff off once we are thru with them

we are diff really. please how can i be like you?

same to you.

You need to see my bag now
Half of the loads are gone completely.Feeling hip!


You're having bag troubles? Oooh, I am not even going to go there. Not with my own track record...


shalewa said...

2pink satin,2 pairs of shoes,two sets of plastic spoons forks and knives.....u need more help than elcee,lol.
madam,take the,fone(s),atm cards,2 pens,writing pad,cd player.but 1st,get a small bag and resolve to use it,no matter how difficlt dt may seem.

darkelcee said...

buaauuaaaahhhhhhh. i am not alone!

Thanks for the advice ma'am

Aphrodite said...

By now am sure you have a less cluttered bag with all the advice u've gotten already so imma save mine.

Nice blog.

Mommy said...

just checking

Funms said...

can c uve taken people's advice... and ur bag is lighter... congrats

darkelcee said...

Yessss.thanks dear long time

i have updated!

Much more lighter. thanks

Blogville u get an award from me! you guys rock

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL. Jinta is very naughty.

Babe, I'm still stuck on you having a ruler in your bag. I'm not in Naija, but it woulda been an honor to slap you properly. Kai... this girl, you need something. I dunno what it is, but you need it.

Buttercup said...

oh my word..lolll...i think im the total opposite, im fine goin about wit just a lil sling bag containin just lipgloss, a mirror, my passport n money!!

u seem to know what the redundant things r so get to it!

ROTFL @ carryin a ruler, A RULER!!

lovin ur blog look btw

darkelcee said...

Wetin i need?kindly identify it cos i think i need it too.lollllll

My bag is sleek now.Cute thing and lighter too.Thanks to my blog fam.

Buttercup said...

lol! thats good to know!

fluffycutething said...

LMAO- I used to (did i really say used to LOl) have this same challenge.

My own bag will even have baby wipes in it sef LMAO

Good that you're lighter now sha

I'm inspired by you.

Can't even carry small bags because that means i'll have to carry another paper bag for shoes and the extra "wosi-wosi" LOL

fluffycutething said...

LMAO- I used to (did i really say used to LOl) have this same challenge.

My own bag will even have baby wipes in it sef LMAO

Good that you're lighter now sha

I'm inspired by you.

Can't even carry small bags because that means i'll have to carry another paper bag for shoes and the extra "wosi-wosi" LOL

theicequeen said...

LOL! i can so relate to this! im guilty of carrying load as well oh! all the uneccesary things i tug around..but its just me oh, im a hoarder!! a clutch in a bid to carry less..the clutch is now carried around in a biggre has been downgraded to a wallet of sorts..argh! that being said..i actually LOVE big bags! and not just out of necessity!

cant believe this is my first time here! your blog is awesome!! im luvin it!!!!

Woomie O! said...

You should see my bag...if I decide to go out to lunch or something and I get tied up, I can comfortably live away from home for at least one day and night(although it hasn't ever happened), as long as I have MY bag.
I love bags...big ones...A LOT.
Believe me, there's nothing in ur bag that you dont need...umm...except the CD'S AND CDP...upgrade joo.
Leave the rest...except you truly can do without them and feel good about it in the process.
Leave the guys, they're freestylers...they can improvise with basically everything, we can't.