Saturday, May 03, 2008

He loves me, He loves me not?

I ask:

Do you love me?
The egotistical and defiant,
The treacherous me,
Can you love me?

Do you love me?
The complainant and insensitive,
The cruel me,
Can you love me?

Do you love me ?
The skeptic and distrustful,
The disdainful me,
Can you love me?

Do you love me?
The lonesome and confused,
The hesitant and unpredictable me,
Can you love me?

He answered:
I love you, All of you.
I have loved you,
And will ALWAYS love you,
I will love your strength and weakness
Because my strength is made perfect in weakness.

He loves ME!


Jaycee said...

Awwww! He loves all of u...the strengths AND the weaknesses. Loved that! :)

30+ said...

Yes o, weakeness and all.

soupasexy said...

love love love

he loves me, he loves me not!

In My Own Words said...

True love...unconditional

shalewa said...

perfect love.beyond what we can imagine.

Afrobabe said...

awwww how sweet,,,but ermmm what happened to get you asking them questions in the first place?

Rinsola said...

He loves even that part of us that we don't love. How was ur weekend lady?

LG said...

He loves us soooooooooooo much,
tanx dearie

anonymous gal said...

Darkl.. is in love

Writefreak said...

He loves me, i cannot say why, He loves me i cannot say why...
That's the song that comes to mind!

How you doing babe?

Olamild said...

So beautiful

Aphrodite said...

He loves us warts and all.

Do i suspect another love inteest here? Spill....

darkelcee said...

thank you dearie.

He loves us still.

babes, i have realised that he loves me!

@in my own words
Very true

yes now beyond our comprehension.

nothing, just needed to think about his love and my unworthiness.

that's true. weekend was cool and urs?

you are most welcome.

@Anonymous gal
yep, in love with HIM.lollll

cool song. i'm good and u?

so is his love!

warts n all....lolll no other love interest yet.

Mommy said...

Ehen...I have been wanting to harrass you on being the first to comment on almost all the blogs I've visited today. You dey sleep for internet world? Ok...Jinta just updated. Hope to see you first there. (Evil laugh)

Eb the Celeb said...

Reminds me of Beyonce's song "Flaws and all"


aawww, how cute...

How you day aunty Darkelcee?

fantasy queen said...

awwww...he loves me yes!

Afrobabe said...

awwww...I always know he loves me cos he puts up with my craze...

Jinta said...

"I will love your strength and weakness"

na 419. which strength dey (for egotistical; defiant; treacherous; complainant; insensitive; cruel; skeptic; distrustful; disdainful; lonesome; confused; hesitant; unpredictable?), na weakness full the lines

look at the comments. are we reading the same post, people?

Allied said...

I so love this... it mirrors my thoughts right now

diary of a G said...


Anonymous said...

awwww!!!abi love is in tha air!

Uzezi said...

that is what love is supposed to be- blind.

long time. how u doing?

Smaragd said...

oh how he loves me!

he loves me i cannot say why!

profound ELC.

have u done ur quirks?

Simi Speaks said...

lmao @ jinta. u need a hug bro? o ya come.

Elcee!! bask in ur joy and love! :-)

Carlang said...

He lives in me..
He lives in you...

have a blessed week dear!!

AlooFar said...

Very Lovely ;)

Tears said...

Wish i had someone tell me that and ACTUALLY mean it!! happy for you gurl!!

Lighty said...

oh yep! he sure loves u.

simply beautiful.

Lighty said...

oh yep! he sure loves u.

simply beautiful.

Lighty said...

oh yep! he sure loves u.

simply beautiful.

Lighty said...

oh yep! he sure loves u.

simply beautiful.

Aijay said...

lol @ Jinta. U're such a clown.
Beautiful post!

aloted said...

ah my comment disappeared i think..

anyway i was saying God loves u and me as well!

and i also said..i read u want to hook 30+ with shea butter..pls i need also also having hair issues..i don tire for the hair sef. pls hook a sister up o. thank u

Sherri said...

He loves us

i finally waka come o(i know jare, am a slow wakajugbe)
anyhow, i have come to lodge a complaint o
i heard from a reliable source, (coughing. s. m. a ra gd)that u put the bra meter up first..
what do u have to say to this lady?

bighead said...

I thot it was a human at first...will be a very tolerant human. As Victor Angel sang "Thank God, God no be man o! For if man be God o, I for don die o, I for don kpeme o..."

Doja said...

Where can I find this guy.

Charizard said...

me i dunno why u were even doubtin it in in the first place...ofcourse he loves u...c ur head....c how dark u r...if he didnt love u do u think u'd be like that?

NikkiSab said...

Love is such a beautiful tin. Especially wen u find some1 who accepts u as u are completely!!!! In ur bad hair days, ur happiness, ur crazy moments, ur quiet moments and angry moments. I wish u both moreeeee luv!!! (Dere is no such tin as too much luv, esp if u both feel d same.

darkelcee said...


You got to jinta’s crib b4 me. I actually just open up all blogs and wait for notification of any update. So u had berra update too

@eb the celeb

Im good ma and u?

@Fatansy Queen
He loves all of us.

Lolllll. And also your strengths dearie

Loll. Yes it’s the same post. I am sure you love ur self despite all inadequacies abi?Dont worry He loves you too.

I’m happy dear. That’s to strengthen you this week.



I don’t think its blind. It just been able to accept you as you are. No holds barred.i’m good dear.

Sinceeee. Loll I had bring up another 6 when I did a 6 previously. Quirky elcee.

@Simi Speaks
Please help me hug jinta tight. He need to feel the love.lolllllll
Thanks Mrs.

Same to you sir

Thank you

I’m looking for an Adam to tell me that too. But this was from his DAD! Lolll

Oh, thank you! *blushing”

Yes he is.Thanks love.

Don’t know what happened to blogger. My email addy is at ur sales

Means we get our inspiration from same source.All I can say is je suis a la dang! Lolllllll


Heyy babyyyyy, how are you doing and school? Missed you loads! are you back now?

Just right there beside you, dear. He is no farther than a thought away.!

See my head indeed. Sometime I feel I am so bad that I forget he does.

He loves me much more than I do to him. I’m sure he is willing to share the love. So please love HIM too.

Thanks all

LG said...

just checking up on u again
*how u?*

Abby said...

he loves us all,doesnt he?
how u dey?

TinTin said...

thats so nice!!!!

he lurvessss me..he lurvess me not!!!

oww i want to steal this now!!
oya lemme respect myself!

darkelcee said...

i'm good dearie.

I'm doing well. he loves us all

go ahead and steal/copy
love is sharing na. how u dey?

Buttercup said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! sometimes i feel so undeservin, but it feels so good to know He's always willin to take me back n forgive me whenever i do wrong..*sighs*..i love Him too!!

darkelcee said...

yes darln, we dont deserve the love. but here we are so lets bask in the euphoria!