Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Thank God for keeping us alive because without him we wouldn’t be where we are today.
Join me to sing this song to our Maker, Redeemer and Friend

You are Alpha and Omega
We worship you our God
You are worthy to be praised

We give you all that glory
We worship you our God
You are worthy to be praised

Ok I am praising God because in everything you must thank God but I am not happy at all.

I had always been an advocate of NOKIA handsets and I’ve never used any other phone type since GSM became a reality in naija.

From 3310 to N80 I have used them all.

- one got stolen at an Owanbe parri
- Gave one out.
- Sold out a couple of them (at a cheaper bargain of course.)

I’m digressing jare, when I bought this bloody nokia N80 in last year,( May precisely) I thought I had purchased the best bargain of a century.
I was planning to rock the phone for a while then sell off and get another cute phone.

Why I went for N80:
-Internet edition (I thought I could browse even inside water)
- It's a slide phone
- Has a large screen
- Large memory size (phone and card)

With all the other features them talk say follow the phone come from heaven (or from where?).

The phone’s problem started when I took it home the very first day I got it. My niece just couldn’t get her hands of the earpiece! She was always fondling it until one day she ate up the foamy cover (don’t know what it’s called please...lollll) of the earpiece.

So I discarded the earpiece and kept on rocking the phone.

My sweet phone became the latest toy in my house! My nephew uses it to perfect his skills on phone game handling (from why chicken crossed the road to snakes) while my niece was trying hard to be beyonce with the voice recorder; she also snaps her pictures every time. (Still have a picture of Richard in BBA 2 on my phone because she took a picture of herself backing the teevee!)

All this time the phone kept on falling at will and I never raised any objection because I thought it’s still the same old NOKIA I knew.(durability and value for your money! )
The phone fell off my hands a couple of times too Ok.

The problem started early this month, I noticed that when I get incoming calls I don’t hear the caller but when I make calls, it’s loud and clear. Later it graduated to both incoming and outgoing calls; yours truly will not hear anything except I use the loudspeakers.

I complained to one of my colleagues and he took my phone to a technician that could work on it. “Doctor” diagnosed my baby with “bad-flex” (whatever that means) and that it must be replaced.

"Ok.How much is flex now?"

The guy said N7, 000. (Please how much is a new phone abeg? lollll)

I left him in annoyance only to get to work and discover another major problem…. When I slid it opened or closed, it displayed different colours which were not a screen saver. Those rainbow displays only meant one thing - the screen too is getting spoilt!

So now my phone has different color spectrum when opened or closed and only regains “composure” after like 30seconds and remember that I still have to switch to loudspeakers to hear my conversation after all these home muveee.

I got pissed and I bought my self this new NOKIA (again u will say? Lolllll)

Why I picked this:
- No Game (and I aint planning to download any!)
- The phone is just a plain Jane!
- No secondary camera for my niece
- Metal casing(anti-scratch)
Even told my niece that it had no voice recorder (a big lie)

So here is a toast to my new phone; baby we are going to rock ourselves till grey days!

And i wish my dying N80 a wonderful REST IN PEACE! (it was nice while knowing you)

Like Alicia Keys sang I keep on falling in love with NOKIA (you)….loollllll.

Enjoy your week!


archiwiz said...

Pele dear. I'm having a similar problem with my E90.

Jaycee said...

LOLLLLL...ok, I know I'm supposed to be sad abt the Nokia N8o. But the post is hilarious all the same...

I wish u and ur plain new phone a romantic relationship until u both get grey hairs...but I have a hunch that u'll either get separated or divorced pretty soon (u know, plain phones can be kinda boring).

The N8o may resurrect from the dead, who knows? At least we're praising God in all things...that's a good thing. Lol.

Vera Ezimora said...

I can totally understand where you're coming from. I'm a Nokia fanatic (although I'm currently dating a Blackberry, but this does not mean I don't love Nokia anymore)

Tears said...

LOL! i love nokias too!! LOL @jaycee's comments...updated *winks

Free-flowing Florida said...

since my first nokia in 2004, i've not used any other brand. aldoe i stay away 4rm slide phones. had a bad experience with one slide, fanstatic, expensive Nokai (forgot d model) dat everyone agreed was a 'machine'. Well, it ddnt take too kindly 2 dropping on d floor nor 2 'over-sliding'. in time, d phone scattered. i dashed it off cos no1 was willing 2 buy it 4rm me. ever since den, i don't do slide fone & (after 3 phone thefts in 8 months) i don't do expensive phones either

30+ said...

I have one Nokia phone that my bruv gave to me like 5yrs ago or somethin. There was another one I had like that which started doing abracadabra for me. I went and replaced it with a £10 phone.

Call me cheapskate I don't care, it is not me that will grow old and be reminscing how I use to have a Alphatroninternet gaming mobile phone when my mates are talking about their investments/millions - lol.

A bit Over the top, i know but at least mobile phones are one thing I can control myself on.

Afrobabe said...

So after all this stalking I am not first...

Afrobabe said...

lmao...sorry oh..I have heard the new nokia phones are not so strong..I have an N75 or something, cant remember...but dont use it much..I have switched camp too sonny ericson...

Omohemi Benson said...

I heard one time that there a lot of fake nokia phones in town,did you purchase yours at Nokia store?
I had one nokia too, that was too fragile and always freezing but I have one I hade for 2 years now and this one has refused to die,Nokia 1100.

I like Nokia but am not a fan,I miss my motorola, I had an L7 before I lost it, and I had for lil over a year and it served me well.

Ok, enough of my phone history,
oya update!

Abbie said...

i used to be a Nokia gal but i am now loving ericsson...just got bored and besides,the batteries started messing up and that ws every1's chorus....

soupasexy said...

lol, i love nokia, but they dont have a lot of them here. i rem 3310. that phone na hammer. i used (cant rem the no) but it looked like a fish when u bend it, the eye was the camera and it was cute and strong too.
anyways enjoy ur plain jane.

shalewa said...

i'm not first ,why?darkelcee,tell me b4 u post tired of 10th,20th etc position.

shalewa said...

may ur fone rest in peace

Abbie said...

thanks for stopping by....
PS:i ve updated....

bumight said...

why are u naija peeps obsessed with Nokia? and yes its an obsession- even my dad and my sisters are not left out!
you guys deserve shares in the company sef, LOL!

ride till the end with ur baby jare!

Writefreak said...

Laughing out so loud! You cracked me up..i wish your dying N80 a peaceful rest and here's warning my N73 that i am not yet ready to retire!
thanks for the offer to look for those pple i're da best and thanks for asking..hubby and i are well!

James Tubman said...

nokia's are addictive lol

the japanese knew what they were doing when they invented them

Pink-satin said...

all for nokia?lol

ibiluv said...

up for little nieces and snapshots...i have my own share.....

Bunmmy said...

am a flirt! love nokia though!

Bunmmy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unbiased said...

till grey days?
Never. Waiting to see the new phone next month (wink wink)

Jinta said...

ahh, abeksy, you lied to your niece? i will tell her the truth when i meet her

ChiefO said...

i think we should have a wake and funeral for ur fone. vera, knows how to organize stuff like this. she had a funeral for oscar, so she is experienced.

ladyguide said...

na wa 4 this lagos traffic sef, see d time wey i dey reach here, (lol!!!)

my sista, hope say this new one get warranty o

Olamild said...


Simi Speaks said...

am lost on the whole nokia, motorola, ercssion thing.

i hve a humble blackberry..

ablackjamesbond said...

lol@ lady guide

Darkelcee, u sure say na nokia u buy? i hear say nokai and noika don dey market o.

In My Own Words said...

Read your posts from the very beginning and I'm hooked. You practically had me in stitches. Lovely blog.
Hard to believe you bought another Nokia, though!

anonymous gal said...

was into im a sony Ericson person.Nokias in my opinion are not Durable

Sasuke said...

my personal person nokia done give you juju wa oh! i just pray this new one does not also start giving you problems?

how weekend?

Carlang said...


I've given up on phones.

The longest i've ever owned a phone is 10 years and that's because i was 9 when they gave it to me and the model designers made sure it was completely out of rubber.

That way it lasted forever.

it still in my toy box somewhere..

Jinta said...

you've been tagged. please see my latest post

princesa said...

Babe, me i don't do expensive phone anymore after the last one show me pepper.
Whats the big deal? Really i dont see the point when i can buy a digital camera, an MP3 player and whatever else i want for even less!

Rinsola said...

Nokia girl, love them 'cos i always get signals with it wherever i go, unlike this Motorola phones. Can a sister please update? lol.... don't mind me jare, how'v u been?

darkelcee said...

Thanks love.but why do we still on buying the same nokia?

Hmmm your hunch is right on spot. I am already getting tired of the phone. Boring is the right word! Gave it out to a friend, to take it to Ikeja. Heard they do wonders on phone there.

@Vera Ezimora
I am temptedto move start a relationship with a black berry too. But MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Black berry in naija plus monthly subscription is crazy!

Unfortunately I still love NOKIA phones too

@Free-Flowing Florida
I love expensive phones but this N80 has opened my eyes. To image that I bought it when it just new in town.lollll

I think I got too hooked on it that was why I got this plain Jane . I have realized lately that its just plain waste of money. That’s a good idea. Invest than waste money on phones. Thanks sis!

Sorry babes next time. loll
Maybe I should try sony erricson? Hmmmmm?

@Omohemi Benson
I heard to about fake nokia phones too.Sorry about the loss. I guess one should not nvest so much money on these phones or what do you think?

Another Ericsson fan? But I never had issues with my batteries.

I used 3310 too.ok deari pray I will

Ok dear .lollll and the phone is not yet dead just on life support. Im sure he will pull thr.

Will check it out dear

Nokia will always have naija peeps in mind cos without us they are nothing! I am serious. Lolll

N73 just handle it well. I think its not as durable as they claim.

@James Tubman
Was it invented by jap? I thot it was either Netherlands or Germany? Anyways, they are really addictive.

All for nokia! Lolll

This new one is O.O B out of bounds for them.

Lolll so you rock other phones?

Haaaa, I reject the urge to buy a new phone in Jesus name. Plain Jane 2007, 2008,2009 forever!

Uncle Jinta, I am sure she will give you the “I -don’t-trust-you” look. Her favorite aunty can never LIE!lollll

Haba leave Vera oh. But hey, maybe I can do naming ceremony for plain jane? Which name do you suggest? He is def a guy!

@lady guide
Yep one year warranty, the other one too has. But if I take it to nokia shop they would have pursued me with cane with the plenty tribal marks the phone don get.

darkelcee said...

Hmmm leave me and my baby,biko lolll

@simi speaks
Humble blackberry indeed

Lollll I even read from someone’s blog that there is a NOKLA.eheheheheeh.
Na original I buy, sweetie.

@In my own words
Waoh, thanks dear. I am humbled. I am an addict. Will buy again and again.lolll

@Anonymous gal
Hmm ericsson again? Lolll but I think they are really. Some other phone will not survive the assault my N80 went thru.

And the juju is working well
Weekend was cool but I don fashy your side as you no gree update

Are you serious? Own a phone for 10years. That can never be me. Lolll

Uncle jinta, that tag thing dey uncover person lolllll .but I will try do am

Dearie, the sad thing is that we underutilize these phones in naija. N80 is an internet edition but you hardly find a wireless LAN to connect it too. So it was useless most of the time.

Ok dear a faithful nokia fan.
Will try and update soon dear

fantasy queen said...

lol', nokia rocks...
although i deviated a little to an iphone, somehow i cant seem to get comfty with it, i still take my worn nokia everywhere with me.

darkelcee said...

@Fantasy Queen
all correct dearie. Nokia will stick by you thru thick and thin! but my N80 couldn't survive the thin part. lolll

Free-flowing Florida said...

oya, madam. time 2 update. quick quick

Charizard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aloted said...

am also a nokia person and am shocked that one of their model (N80) is not durable! not good at all.

anyway hope u enjoy ur new phone

and thanks for stopping by my blog :)

archiwiz said...

darkelcee I no know ohh... I can't even let the E90 go for repairs at this point. I just.....can't.

@ the person who said Nokia was Japanese...mbok, shine your eye. Nokia is a Finnish company, i.e. it is made in Finland, by the Finnish. :)
LOL...maybe thats why they are trying to finish all Naija people with their Finnish fones...:D

Aijay said...

I'm all for NOKIA!!

darkelcee said...


ok dear i will holla

i think i didnt handle it to well plus it wasnt too durable.lollllll

i was wondering too. cos all my phones has finland on it.(where you have your batteries) even plain jane is a finnish.lolll lets give Charizard.

You rock gurl