Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I wanna wish you a merry christmas

I wanna wish you a merry christmas,

From the bottom of my heart!

( this is sealed with a kiss!)

Even though i am sending this christmas message right from my desk top at work, it is a sincere wish from my heart to you......


- that just " surf " thru my blog

- that took time to read but don't comment

- that reads and comment

- my Blogville family

- @ work that found this blog whether thru peeping or jazz (lol!)

- B, not sure if you are reading this, but i miss you so much . my sister in crime lol! (@ work )

- T, i am sorry about everything , but know that you have a special place in my heart and i'll miss you

-K, my editor in chief , boss and paddy for jungle! Enjoy your vacation,christmas and new year holiday!

-to all my fans; home and away! lol .....One love!

Enjoy your holiday and please DRINK RESPONSIBLY (i never join any NGO ..... no mind me ok? lol)


8 Weird things about ME

1) I can talk on the phone with you for the next 2 years but when we hook up one on one, i can hardly converse up to 15mins !

2) I dont eat YAM outside my house cos I can't eat it without mashing it up with my fork and then eating as if i aint got teeth! Same goes for potatoes...boiled, fried, baked ,sundried any form you give me i mash them up!

3) I am a proper Yoruba breed but i CANNOT pray in my local dialect....Yoruba. i guess this is weird! I only pray in English oo and omo Yoruba proper ni mi! God save me. lol!

4) Dont know if this is wierd or not, but i dont know how to keep a clean wardrobe. If i take time out to sort and arrange clothes and shoes, i get scared to take any clothe / shoe because i trust i will scatter the whole thing before you say Jack! lol!

5) I dont know how to think or reflect on issues because nothing gets to me. I force myself most times to pretend that i am thinking about an issue so that people will not think i am a "winch"!

6) i forget things easily .... I know this is very wierd and i am praying about it,I dont remember people's names or faces. i can't recall stuffs that happened last year but i can try on ten year old gist! lol! Do you know that i cannot remember my classmates University? I met a secondary school classmate at a wedding in sometimes ago and the way i responded to her was bad. I think i embarrased her.It is really bad as i saved her name as school mate on my phone. (as i didnt want to ask her for her name,lol!) Also saw a sista we joined my bank together and i couldnt place her face. ( saw her this year just after 5 years o )

7)i have only fought once in my life time and it was with my brother! Guess i am "ole" (lazy) ? brother and i. i no dey fight ooo Omo jeje ni mi ! lol

8) I have plenty male friend but i have not succeeded in keeping any as hubby! wierd innit?

9) for the extras...... I don't know nada about my menstral cycle. i have tried so many times to understand what its all about and how to monitor the d*** thing, but i have never succeeded, not even once. I can put Sanitary towel in my bag for 2 weeks all becos i dont know when g-red will come.weird abi?

I dont know who to tag again but once you read this post ( even without commenting) then you are tagged! lol

Enjoy your Christmas

Peace Out !( i am turning to a nigga abi? lol)


Anonymous said...

merry christmas to you too.

but this your no 9 na wa!

Big girl like u ?

diary of a G said...

lol @ #1..I know what you mean
@ # 6 ..we all do but its a matter of caring enuff to do something bout it
merry xmas

Afrobabe said...

LMAO...very funny girl, i cant pray or fight in my language as well...I dont like arranging my whole room, not just the ends up looking messier than when i started...

La Reine said...

Here's hoping you had a Merry Christmas.

Girl, me thinks you took #6 and #8 from my own personal list!

Take care.

darkelcee said... be my fault now

na devil! lol! (i've got to blame it on somin to i take him|)

@D.O.G....People with sharp memory are

@Arfrobabe.... we are together in this,lol!

@la reine...i've got partners in this

thank goodness

Happy new year!

30+ said...

4,6, a bit of 8(no more guys as friends sha, they're all married), I was like 9 as well until like 2yrs I just know like intuition no diary nor nothing.

Anyways girl how you doing. I have put up new post. Right now my sleeping is a bit messed up. Been up since 2am LA time and could not sleep.

Miss you too

little miss me said...

i can relate to #4,#5 and 9..very weird stuff.

Olamild said...

Merry Xmas to u and yours.

Ms. emmotions said...

compliment of the season to u dear

Mommy said...

Uhmmmmm...helloooo Remember me? Blogger from next door? hahahahahah You are something else. Funny chikala. Happy New Year!

darkelcee said...

@ 30+ .... hapy new year! please share that intuition cos i need it badly. Hope you can sleep well you

@little miss me.... thanks for stopping by.

@Olamild....same to you dear. howdy?

darkelcee said...

@ms.emmotions...same to you dear. Happy new year!

@mommy.... yes now i remember you very well.

thanks for stopping by

Happy new year to all!

Allied said...

Dont worry i dont always know when g-red is coming.. well i am irregular ( Why do i think that was TMI?) Lol

Obinwanne said...

Happy new year my ear...thanks for stopping by...i couldnt visit since cos of the internet problem..very very slow...anyway i finally got a fast one today....take good care of yourself and stay going for the bloggers party...will you?

bighead said...

I refuse to be tagged...that's cos I already have been *sighs*. Yu must be preparing hard for old age with the whole mashing food thing.

Correct me if am wrong but I tot the last time I was here yu were hooked up; now yu talk about not being able to keep a man... Hmmm. What happened


Hahaha. Season's Greetings!

La Reine said...

Thought I'd meet an update...:(

Happy New Year girl.

darkelcee said...! I am trying to be more lady-like!

@Obinwanne...Happy new year sweetheart, went for one owambe so i couldnt make the parri.Guess it was a balst? How was it?

@bighead.....yeye i am not preparing for old age oo, just like eating my tubers like that..
keeping a man means married!!

@solomonsydelle....same to you.

Phart Chic! lol!

@la reine........ none dear, i am enjoying my new year!

Tayo said...

See this girl o! I think say you don update sef ...
These your weird stuff weird o! I used to do no 2 as well, still do it sometimes.
No 3. Same here
@No 9 - !!!!! Go here ASAP!

princesa said...


Happy new year dear girl!
Interesting weird things too.

30+ said...

Where is this omo dudu gurl now, abeg update now. Everybody have been posting even Nyemoni (abeg don't tell her o, the gurl will skin me - lol).

Even if it is to write how I spent my last Christmas ehn!

30+ said...

@Tayo, cough, cough ehm more cough most guys usually pretend they are deaf and blind when it comes to talking about the montlies...good on you jare for the

darkelcee said...

@tayo...... you are too much *wink, Kisses & Hugs* thanks for the are u? still checking your blog for the parri update oo.You had berra update fast!

@Princesa... thanks for stopping by. No souvenirs from the bloggers parri? you know i am proper owambe!

@30+....i thot you were still on the mountain? whne are you resuming back to work? i know sabi write composition....'how i spent my last xmas' lol. Abeg leave Tayo, he is just a DEAR.

I will update this week ok?


diary of a G said...

update this blog na! love that whitney playing tho...

Nyemoni said...

LOL..LOL..LOL..I feel you on No. 9 o jare! i really didn't know much myself but my first pregnancy woke me from my sleep..LOL...E don tay since you last update o! Na wah!

OYA UPDATE sharp sharp!
Thanks for stopping by my space and here's wishing you a happy new year!

darkelcee said...

I have updated finally. thanks for loving that song. It's my hit!

i have learnt a couple of things as per #9 courtesy my blogville famliy

I have updated sha

Happy new year to every one