Friday, January 11, 2008

In A Nutshell!

Happy New Year to y’all

Sorry I did not update on time.

I thought this time of the year will be pretty free for me but ALAS!, was wrong (lol). I mean January is a month where people would have emptied their accounts for the much awaited December vacation/Holiday and then arm folding will start, but my peeps are now super-sharp, come and see plenty people in the banking hall? O su mi men!

How was your Christmas and New Year holiday? I have gone round almost all the blogs my hands can click on and I discovered everyone had loads and loads of fun. Can you believe I did not have any?

Where do I start?

24th December…. Got a mail, I was nominated for a bloody reconciliation at my head office and that yours truly should prepare to sleep over. You will not believe I was in there till 30th! Every single night (6pm – 6am). I had free periods in the morning but I mean I was just busy sleeping. But mennnnn!, it is not easy working during the night at all.

31st December…………..went to church to pray about my life . I need to have an exciting one in 2008 (lol).

1st January………. Went to one of these eateries and it turned out to be a big mistake, I regretted going there self. ….., had to check out 3 places before I made up my mind on just staying in one as I didn’t want to go back home, each was filled to the brim and they all had a deejay blasting all sorts of music you can think of. All pretty too loud for a reasonable human being.

2nd January….resumed work and I have been busy since then lol!

So that was how I spent my last holiday ……………pretty boring se?

Well I have made up my mind to have a blast this year…..part of my New Year resolution, lol!

Sat back and ran through my life in 2007, I thank God for life and sound health but I did not maximize the resources I had at my disposal. I need to work on so many things about myself.

Initially felt this might be too heavy for the first post in the year but hey what the heck!

Here is the issue, I don’t have close allies (male or female, none at all) I only have acquaintances/friends. Get me right, I am not egotistical or haughty but I just can’t make close friends or rather I can’t keep them (that sounds more like it).Yours truly cannot wake up and say I’m going to see a friend. My typical day…… I watch T.V all through, all sorts, from cartoons to comedy. It’s so bad that we had a team bonding session in my office and I was just yelling like a 3 year old girl (all because I have not had such fun in a very very long time). Please what is wrong with me? Lol!

You all know this song done by Celine Dion….when I fall in love it will be forever? This has never been my case. In 2007, I met someone and now He is gone! It is my entire fault. I think I “stepped” in love with a part of me outside of the relationship. I have never been raped or abused but I just can’t let go! Am I selfish?

I have never been inclined to have a sexual relationship with a female (abeg o, before you start thinking evil thoughts). I go into a relationship with a ‘win-win’ attitude so I ended up not giving my all to keep it. Am I normal? Yours truly cannot sing this verse like Celine, “When I give my heart, it will be completely!

I have been asking myself if I am selfish or something but the bottom line is I need help! My life is too monotonous.

Send in your advice fast because I desire to change for the better this 2008

Ops, I also procrastinate a lot. How do I stop that too? Lol!

Hugs and kisses


30+ said...

First let me hug you tight na.

As per the relationship, it takes two to work a relationship so don't be hard on yourself. When folks use to say I am too slefish and self sustained I tried being what they call lie. Don't fret about the one who has gone or the one coming God knows your heart's desire.

As per having fun, you asking the wrong person oh, thank God for my sister, who edges me on. You need to identify one of your acquintance that you know goes out and attach to her / him for that purpose.

Take care love

rethots said...

Oops, & i wish my break's longer (resume 14th, won't mind next month though). Ouch!
Guess you should go learn salsa.
Happy New Year.

Olamild said...

Na wa o

Happy NEw Year first of all
YOu fell in love and lost in 07
It's bygone o
Let go of the past
If I am clear on what u said, u couldn't give your all in that relationship cause a part of u was still with someone else?

hmmm that happens and it's very tough
It is hard to let go
at times but we got to try
It's the only way forward.

acainto said...

Happy New Year! Love yourself the way you are, and don't worry about trying to fit into any body's 'mould'...If you learn to laugh at yourself, and to be happy with who you are, change comes so much more easily, than if you try to force's hoping you have your richest, fullest year yet...

little miss me said...

happy new year. i too have problems making (keeping?) friends,not because i chase them away but the prospect of getting up to call and check on people everyday just seems very tedious.sitting home watching tv is a lot easier:)
so theres nothing wrong with for the relationship issue maybe you havn't just met the right guy,maybe you need some more time to figure out what you want in a relationship.above all,just be happy with yourself,procrastination or not..i hope all works out in the new year:)

darkelcee said...

@ these comments have left me speechless

Thanks so much to everyone!

I appreciate!


Nyemoni said...

I bind and cast every foem of procastination, selfishness, “stepping” in love with a part of any part of us...LOL.. see me laughing here!

It's well o...just stay positive and everything wgood will's wishing you the best years ahead! ;-) cheers!

The Last King Of Scotland said...

refuse and banish procrastination to 07. thats my mantra for 08. God bless

Anonymous said...

the fact that you recognized that you left a part of you behind when you went in to the relationship is a good step. just take out time ot try and figure out why this happened. it may take some time but because you are searching, you will find the answer.

i once tried dating a girl and this was the problem. the difference was that she didn't recognize she left a part of her behind. i used to think this was as a result of a hurt from a prior relationship. she did admit she was hurt in a prior relationship but she did not believe this was causing her not to step into a relationship with her mind fully in it. in the end i got blamed for everything that went wrong and the relationship didn't work out. most painful part was that we were friends b4 the dating thing and our friendship didn't survive cos of the way the relationship ended.

Carlang said...

You're completely normal dear.
You just havent found the right person yet.
Hopefully this year you will.

Have a lovely 2008 dear.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Allied said...

I can't help you cause " temi wa lara mi". But God can. Just tell him to mold you the way He wants you to be and not what you think is acceptable to society.

darkelcee said...

i recieve the full hug hun, i am sure you are beautiful inside out and that is why you are you.

Salsa? for what? Happy new year to you too

Someone else ke? how i wish. My heart is fixed on my i need to let go of it.happy new year!

...If you learn to laugh at yourself, and to be happy with who you are, change comes so much more easily" love this dearly. Thanks so much.

thanks for the vote of confidence and i am still reflecting. *wink*

Ameeeeeeeennnnnnnnn.i paln to do that and i am sure lines will fall into perfect places for me.kiss,kiss.

I am working on it.

@anonymous 21.57
I can feel you. (brother abi na sister?) iam still searching sha and i am sure i will get answers soon.

Carl i need to find by fire! Happy new year to you too.

"temi wa lara mi" very funny! ia m sure He will. i talk to Him about my life everyday and i am sure He's on top of it.

Thanks all

Naija Chickito said...

Happy new year, o jare.
When you meet the right person, giving your all (and then some!)will come naturally.
As for procrastinating, er, er, you are my sister from another Mama!

ababoypart2 said...

Happy New Year


Happy New Year oh! Don't worry, there is nothing abnormal about you. God made all of us special and unique.

And, God will send your Mr. Right when you least expect it. Okay, later!

pink gloves said...

So abt New Years. Didnt sound like too much fun.
As per pple coming to the bank, do you know how many pple made money from events? like caterers and stuff?
And the women that collected and kept all the money that was sprayed to them? Shoot even me that i was a standy byer, I probably pulled in 50-100k form 4 or so different

disgodkidd said...

an interesting read...happy new year

darkelcee said...

@naija chikio

I really hope so .Thanks for stoppign by and Happy new year to you too.


Aba boy? lol
same to you.

Hmm thanks for that piece. was that how you got daddy tk? just curious!


i didn't have any fun at all. that means you must be a good dancer to have pulled that much! I will be following you around now to these owambe cos i need money too.

Happy new year to you too

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

hi girly,

your ime will come,you know what they say about man proposing.....

u need not to worry cos your time will come.

everything in this life is a phase,when the time is ripe my dear girl,you will shine and blossom

Anonymous said...

hi.i like ur blog.the first time i read it,i was laffing so hard,people thot i was crying.u r really funny.bout having a man,when God brings him,u will connect easily.and bout the tv,maybe you shud cut the wire.that way,u can't watch tv(lol) and wud rather go out.

darkelcee said...

@Anonymous 08:06
i dont know if u are a male or female but ehn i am sending you this cyber hug and kiss. thaks for the encouraging words.

@Anonymous 19:54
thanks for "feeling" my blog.
i want to connect sharppish o.Cut wire ke *shaking my fingers in anger*? No try me o. i never chop liver reach to cut the wire. its like cutting a part of me.