Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine

Okay first,Happy Birthday To Tayo.

Tayo, there will be parri right? My peeps ,visit his blog for the details.

I am organizing a parri here on my blog for you (But yours is still holding!)

This is not an update ( Before i will be lynched!)
This is just for you on Valentine's day. Hope you have love and experience love today and everyday of your life.

A Valentine is nothing like

A chocolate or a rose.

For in a week these shall be gone,

But Valentines remain.

If love were always sweet to tongue

Or fragrant to the nose,

Each day would be like Valentine's,

And we would go insane.

A Valentine just hangs around

Waiting to be kissed

Long after special days have passed

And every days are here.

So one is wise to choose one well

And chocolates to resist.

For in the midst of mania

It's nice to have one near.

I will update soon ok. I PROMISE.

Love You loads!


PS...that poem is not original so dont hail me at all( lol)


30+ said...


So no mushy stories to tell ko.

darkelcee said...

That was an error

check the proper update siter
Happy Valentine to you too.

Jaycee said...

My mouth was just watering at all the sights of diff types of cakes...*yummy*

Happy Valentines day El Cee!!!!!

princesa said...

What a spread!
Happy vals day.

Are u coming for the beach party on sunday? Dont say u didnt know this time o!
Hit me up on

Nyemoni said...

Happy vals day sweetie! Mwah!

darkelcee said...

Please be free to help your self to a serving!lol Hope you are enjoying your val's day.

Parri on sunday?Im in.Lol
Happy Valentine

Thanks dearie, How is my baby kicking? Expecting a low down of your Val's day in the next post

Naija Chickito said...

@princesa- which party again? una dey code am abi wetin? anyway...

nice poem. try to update na? I dey beg you. thanks.

Simi Speaks said...

yeeeeeeee pa! see deserts! am getting hot flashes as we speak. me and food, kai? God save me.

noo, am not overweight (in case u were thinking!) lol

anywho, how was ur vals day, dia?

rethots said... piece (of cake fell down) please can i have another?

darkelcee said...

@naija chikito
i think it is coded. but we will unravel the mystery
i will update by

@Simi speaks. they are all yours please help yourself dearie.ofcourse you are lepa abi? lol. Valentine, story for another day.

yes you can dearie
how was your valentine's day? hope you had fun.

Rinsola said...

i see someone is have enuff desert and trying to make some of us salivat. Nyce poem and have a great weekend.

Afrobabe said...

Happy vals love...hope u had a nice day...

Ms. emmotions said...

hmmm, i dont wanna know if this was originally urs, i just know it sooooo sweetttttttttt

hop u enjoyed it

Sasuke said...

happy belated vals my dear..hope you had lots of fun cos i didnt.... nice words feeling them..cheers

darkelcee said...

How was the weekend? please dont salivate too much ok?

I had my valentine inside the Lagos traffic. Got home dead tired.

@ms emmotions
haaa, that's sweet of you.i am blushing here but i know u cant see it cos i'm dark. Hope u had fun?

How was your valentine? I need to hear the whole GIST.

Sha said...

hmm vals day again... hope u had fun :)


Aunty! How now! I gave you a shoutout at my Easier blog. How was val's day? See you around!

Tayo said...

Awww! I didn't even know you had given me a shout out! Thanks a lot. Why didn't I see you yesterday? You didn't come for the parri

darkelcee said...

Yes o love is in the Valentine is on this blog too.

@Solomon sydelle
Mummy TE, thanks for the shout out.Hope u enjoyed your valentine's day thoroughly?

You are most welcome.I didnt follow up on the parri details. dont mind me.

Nyemoni said...

how soon is this update coming?

darkelcee said...

Lol!!!!!!!!! soon dearie soon

Nyemoni said...

I have the effrontery to ask eh? Me of all peeps? LOL!

darkelcee said...

Yes ooo

we are in the same
But hey, its better late than never.

Carlang said...

Seems like you had a lovely valentine.
Dont ask how i figured that out.

How now?
Howz work coming along..

About this update of yours....

Afrobabe said...

ouch...lagos traffic....I used to spend hours on it coming from Apapa to Ikeja...nasty...

replied ur comment on my page..if u want to break out of CS just choose a target and get certified in it...

princesa said...

Sorry u missed the party babe...t'was my fault...didnt see ur email on time. Dont ya worry, the next one no go pass u by,lol!

@naijachickito, its not coded o! You dey for abuja sef...too far now:)

Oya darkie, update!


happy belated valentine to u
how work?
we still waiting for your update oo

chioma said...

thanks for visiting my blog..when ur ready to drop lemme know so i can give u tips for a cool hebrew woman style delivery.

Olamild said...


I'm gonna need some traditional herbs to avoid "running stomach" o

Happy Lover's month

darkelcee said...

You got it all wrong had a dull valentine and to make matter worse there was no valentine for me.Work is kinda cool and i am also good. update.....very soon dearie.

I am in apapa too. the traffic is still much crazy and dem armed robbers come make matters worse.
I will try but i am a lazy gurl.Lol

abi na princesant? lol i understand i am not sure i would have been able to make it. i had a date *wink*. saw the pictures on face book you sure had fun.Ok i will update.

@Ibo dude
Dude, where have you been since? ok thanks for stopping by and congrats on the acceptance thingy.

Drop ke? sister i never get "donor" not to talk of dropping. lol! No kain i will let u know when i am ready.

i have read and re-read ur post. dint realise u are that romantic.It made me teary eyed.
Just take jedi-jedi and u are goood to go

thanks all for the love

30+ said...

Ah here is the proper update.

Toochi said...

Update o.

Naija Chickito said...

Ok, I'm loving this new look, but you said you'd update soon *tapping fingers on table*

The Last King Of Scotland said...

yummy patisserie......can i have some?

bighead said...

Hey! How did ya vals day go? I spent mine doing geek stuff. Aaargh

Sasuke said...

darkelcee which kind parus be this one haba! abi you dey fear to post ni? bank work never reach that one nooow..abeg if you no wan make me and you enter the same skirt make you update sharply...pcheeewwww

Allied said...

update now...

30+ said...

Level don shange patapata, see my gurl dey show blog sophistication a la your Template is talking (Yoruba English).

Where is our update o?

Afrobabe said...

Babe if u can blog then you can do anything....

So after saying we would hear about the party on monday you never went...

Nyemoni said...

Omoge update now? Which ones sef?

Rinsola said...

what happened to updating miss lady?

darkelcee said...

i don update. My template is indeed talking. You like?

I don manage post somin. thanks for the love

@Naija chikito
Loving my new looks? it actually extend to my hair.its been tinted with new identity

please help yourself.You know love is

@Big Head
No val's day for your sister. sebi yours is geek stuff, mine is regular customer service issue plus plenty traffic on lagos road.

same skirt no go enter my colleagues say,i am

yes maam i have updated.

thanks for the encouraging words, i am planning to go for somin soon will keep you posted sha. Parri issue na only mouth i dey run that time no mind me.

Mummy gurl, i don update

What happened to updating? laziness!


Anonymous said...

nice blog,new here! coming back soon!